Description: The Cockalier is a hybrid from two pure breeds these are the Cocker Spaniel and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It is best to read up on both pure breed dogs to get a good picture of the dog you are going to have.

With this hybrid keeping in the family of the Spaniel you are getting a dog that is keeping true to the breed type within the Spaniel family. This dog is moderate in size and makes a great companion dog. This dog has parents of the same size so you are less likely to get big height and weight differences.

The height is 10- 14 inches and the weight is 15- 30 pounds. They have the classic spaniel look, of big eyes that look soulful and the ears that are set just above eye height and hang down in a drop pendant fashion. The ears tend to be well furred and have a feathered look. The muzzle is broad but not overly long and they have a black nose that is large and have open nostrils.

The body is in good proportion and is strong and lean. The legs are straight and they have large feet. The coat can be long and wavy or fine and silky and straight depending on whom they follow with the coat.

The tail is usually plumed and is set high this is often in motion as this is a happy dog. White is a common color to see on all Cockalier but it will have other colors from tan, browns, tri-color and parti, white on the face is common. Life expectancy is about 10 years.

Temperament: The Cockalier make a really good family pet and are wonderful with children and other animals, providing that you train them not to chase your cats. This dog is not at all dominant and does make a good first dog as they will want to learn.

Training with a gentle but firm training method works well, if you use harsh methods the dog will just be scared and the training will not work. Positive training works well as this dog loves to please you. Here is an intelligent dog that will do very well in obedience.

The Cockalier can learn new tricks quickly. This dog loves to play and if they have the company of the family this dog can play for hours. Socialize this dog well to reduce any shyness and give them confidence with other dogs and new situations.

This dog has a lot of energy and will need daily walks to burn some of this up. Here is a dog that will love to swim and, if given the chance, they will do this daily. As they come from working lines this dog will have energy to use as a result of which they will suit an active person or family.

Health issues: There are a few health issues in both parenting lines so read up on these to see what might be inherited. More commonly are things like eye problems and ear problems and there is the chance that epilepsy can be inherited so make sure that your pup comes from a good breeder that carries out health checks on breeding dogs and has a recorded history.

Grooming: This dog is best given a Cocker Spaniel cut as this makes grooming easier. The Cockalier will need bathing and grooming, by you, to keep the shedding down to a level that is more manageable for you. Brush the coat at least weekly.

Living conditions: The Cockalier will live in an apartment happily if they are given the right amount of daily mental and physical exercise. They will need a small to medium size garden that is well fenced to stop the dog wandering and chasing other animals.

More information about the Cockalier dog breed

Cavalier King Charles/Cocker Spaniel or Mixed Breed dog

The Cockalier is a designer or cross breed dog. What is the Cockalier?

It is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles and Cocker Spaniel dog.
Mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier than full blood dogs and this is why designer or hybrid dogs are quickly becoming as popular as many of the AKC registered breeds.

There are many registries where you can get registry papers including 5 generation pedigrees also. The best advice I can give you is study each individual breed and determine both the temperament and characteristics in each of the breeds.

Most of your designer or hybrid breeds come in many different sizes, including: Teacup, Tiny Toy, Miniature and Standard.

It’s best to ask the breeder the size and weight of the parents to get a better idea of what size the puppy your interested will be as an adult. It is harder with the mixed breeds to determine an exact adult weight.

If you can’t find a local breeder in your area don’t worry, many breeders are using the major airlines like American, Delta, Continental and Northwest airlines for shipping their puppies.

At this time the airlines will ship puppies to the following States: Alabama AL – Alaska AK – Arizona AZ – Arkansas AR – California CA – Colorado CO – Connecticut CT – Delaware DE – Florida FL – Georgia GA – Hawaii HI – Idaho ID – Illinois IL – Indiana IN – Iowa IA – Kansas KS – Kentucky KY – Louisiana LA – Maine ME – Maryland MD – Massachusetts MA – Michigan MI – Minnesota MN – Mississippi MS – Missouri MO – Montana MT – Nebraska NE – Nevada NV – New Hampshire NH – New Jersey NJ – New Mexico NM – New York NY – North Carolina NC – North Dakota ND – Ohio OH – Oklahoma OK – Oregon OR – Pennsylvania PA – Rhode Island RI – South Carolina SC – South Dakota SD – Tennessee TN – Texas TX – Utah UT – Vermont VT – Virginia VA – Washington WA – Washington, D.C. – West Virginia WV – Wisconsin WI – Wyoming WY – Hawaii HI.