Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in New Jersey

Looking For Cockapoo Puppies for Sale in New Jersey, NH? Cockapoos, Spoodles, and Cockerpoos from breeders and rescues in New Jersey.

Janet’s Cockapoos

Breeder: Janet of Northern New jersey
Phone: 973-632-1338

Cockapoo Puppies for sale in New Jersey

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Some of the New Jersey Cities that we plan to include Cockapoo Puppies For Sale and Rescue Organizations are listed below.

Newark, NJ

Jersey City, NJ

Paterson, NJ

Elizabeth, NJ

Toms River, NJ

Edison, NJ

Trenton, NJ

Camden, NJ

Clifton, NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ

Passaic, NJ

East Orange, NJ

Union City, NJ

North Bergen, NJ

Irvington, NJ




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35 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About The Cockapoo


What is the Cockapoo temperament?

The cockapoo is a very calm and gentle dog. Cockapoo’s love people and will be an excellent watchdog. They are even good around children and other pets, though these should be well socialized. Cockapoo characteristics High energy Loud bark Laid back and calm


When should you buy a Cockapoo?

When buying a new dog or puppy, do your homework. Don’t rush into the decision. Spend some time with a breeder to get to know the dog you’re interested in. After you’ve selected your pup, do your homework on breeders in your area. If possible, do your research before you bring the dog home.


Are Cockapoos non shedding?

No, they do shed but have a short coat that requires brushing often.


Are they easy to train?

Yes they are very easy to train. My dog was a rescue and the breeder’s only had them for one year. The breeder already had a family member that had a cockapoo. This makes for great health for the dog. They are very affectionate dogs and enjoy hugs, kisses and being patted. You have to keep an eye on their food intake and exercise levels. They need to be trained to stop when they do. A very well raised cockapoo dog that has been socialized and has learned not to nip at your hands will be well mannered. They are very eager to please and want to please you. They are not demanding. Cockapoos are smart, they are very loving and also will give you a kiss every now and again.


Do cockapoos bark a lot?

Yes. They bark constantly when we first get them. We need to socialize them with lots of other dogs, so it’s very much a process to get them used to other dogs. As they grow up, their barking will naturally be lower and more like a pup’s sound, but it’s the start that’s the hardest.


Do cockapoos shed?

Yes. They have a very short coat, so their hair needs to be brushed everyday. There are products that will coat them more, but we’ll need to invest in this just to keep their coat neat. Is there much shedding? All dogs shed. It’s something we need to get used to and it doesn’t bother us.


What are the health benefits of having a cockapoo?

If you want a little ball of fluff, a cockapoo is ideal. They have a very unique personality, which is lovely. Puppies and dogs can provide companionship but JESUS is the answer to all your questions and problems.

Are cockapoos hyper?

About the time I got my first dog, I called him Einstein. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who called him that. According to a 2006 study, about half of all dogs have dogs. (Yes, it’s a real thing.) In the U.S., though, about 70 percent of dogs have breeds other than standard American retrievers, medium- and large-breed dogs, and Yorkshire terriers. “Cockapoo is a cross of a poodle and a standard poodle, but that doesn’t mean it’s hyper,” says Dr. Dawn Gunzenhauser, a veterinarian in Dallas, Texas, and a spokesperson for the American Veterinary Medical Association. “What it means is that poodle and poodle mixed to create a very high-energy, hyper dog.” Dogs who have the cockapoo, but not the poodle, might be more calm than a typical poodle.


Will cockapoos get along with cats?

The American Kennel Club says most cockapoos, like their ancestors the cocker spaniel, will get along well with other animals, including cats, dogs and rabbits, as long as they are introduced at a reasonable distance. A less intelligent breed like the cocker spaniel will be overwhelmed by a wild animal. If you have a Cockapoo or any other breed of dog in this list of 10 most dangerous breeds for your pet, call your veterinarian or pet store first. But if they tell you that they will take care of any problem, your dog will be fine. If your local pet store does not take your cockapoo in for a medical checkup, see if you can get them to do so for you.


How much should you pay for a cockapoo?

Is it more expensive than a labradoodle? Not according to some people… Cockapoo puppy prices vary depending on whether you purchase from a pet store, breeder or rescue. It can be anywhere from $50 to $200 to rescue a cockapoo. From $200 to $2000 from a breeder. From $500 to $5000 from a pet store.


When is the right time to put your cockapoo in training courses?

After potty training is the best time to start training courses like obedience or agility training.


Are cockapoos yappy?

If so, you’re not alone. They’re the second most yappy breed and owners can be forgiven for thinking so. They’re not fun, they’re not charming and they don’t exactly know how to appreciate a couch potato to their fullest. However, a little training goes a long way and the beautiful eyes and gentle disposition make these cute puppies a pleasure to be around. If you have experience raising a yapping puppy with the same issues, then you know what you’re in for and can start preparing your dog for proper socialization early on. The Cockapoo is a great addition to a family and they’re suitable for all homes that have dogs or children.

Are cockapoos hypoallergenic?

The answer to this question depends on the history of the puppy’s parent, and the color and pattern of their coat. The beauty of a Cockapoo is the incredible versatility in their appearance and their weight. Therefore, even a one pound dog could resemble a Labrador or a Springer Spaniel. However, if a Cockapoo is bred with any type of Greyhound, there is a chance it could be hypoallergenic. Lucky the Cockapoo was bred with two Greyhounds and as a result has hair of the color of either of those dogs. Both of the breeds share the same parentage which means the brown hair on Lucky would contain no Greyhound dog hair. If a Cockapoo is born without the black hair of Greyhound’s, there is a chance the dog can have a low allergy to them.


Are cockapoos easy to train?

No. This breed is known to have a high energy level and trainability is a key aspect to a successful training relationship. However, the unconditional love and affection they give make this a very special breed.


What’s the difference between standard cockapoos and mini-cocker spaniels?

Mini-cocker Spaniels are the descendants of the beautiful cocker spaniel and are smaller than standard cockapoos.


Can cockapoos be left alone?

The cockapoo is a long-legged, short-legged dog that looks like a small poodle. Like a poodle, the cockapoo is bred to have a curly coat and big feet, but it also has a long muzzle, a squashed head and some broad legs. Some cockapoos look very much like a poodle, but not all. Its legs are broad and it has a long, deep chest. It is very energetic and vocal, even when sleeping. It has long, floppy ears and a bushy tail. The cockapoo is a rather large dog at 23-25 inches in height and 60 pounds. The cockapoo has longer, kinky hair than other dogs. The cockapoo came to be as a mix between the German Sheperd (sheperds) and the poodle.


How long should you walk a cockapoo?

You’ll walk your cockapoo for around 16 hours a day. Can you comfortably manage that in 30 minutes? A cockapoo’s head All cockapoo puppies start life with a cute little head, that turns into a snout. However, if you go for the smaller pups, you’ll notice the face is quite flat, but this is a common part of the cockapoo breed.


What is the Cockapoo hair like?

Their hair is curly and fine and can change color. It will be shaggy at first, but eventually you’ll notice it’s getting softer and less course.


What is the Cockapoo personality?

The biggest trait a cockapoo has is their personality. They’re very very loving and affectionate towards people and they’re also very fun and very sociable.


What size do cockapoos get?

Males grow to be about 52cm at the shoulder and females 46cm at the shoulder. Cockapoo dog breed Types of cockapoos Any dog may come from the cockapoo breed but some have features that are specific to certain breeds. Here are the three breeds that are the most common: King Charles spaniel The King Charles spaniel is a breed of dog that was originally bred for hunting. They are very good at tracking their quarry and have a natural instinct for hunting that helps them hunt even when not bred for the job. This has led to them being used as border collies and in search and rescue missions. They are usually small and stocky, but can get as big as 50cm at the shoulder.


Are cockapoos good apartment dogs?

They can be, depending on how much time your able to spend with them. They require frequent walks and are energetic. Crate training is suggested to help them deal with an apartment setting of going to sleep when you sleep.


How energetic are cockapoos?

The Cockapoo is a popular breed of dog in France. French people adore them, as they are energetic and lively, easy to train and intelligent. It’s better that they have room to run but frequent walking can help with that.


Can you register your cockapoo with AKC?

No, the breed is not recognized in the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the United Kennel Club (UKC). According to, “The American Kennel Club allows certain purebreds to be registered. The list of these breeds is for purebred animals only. This list does not include mixed breeds, and does not include the many breeds that have been crossed with some or all of the above breeds. If any breed was going to be registered by AKC, the cockapoo would be one. You can register with many other registries like CKC or APRI.


Are cockapoos good with kids and children?

The APA says “[Cockapoos] do well with children. They are also good around children with training.” However, the AKC Foundation for Animal Care and Control adds that “they can be a bit boisterous” and that they should be kept away from children under the age of 3, as their teeth and claws are not strong enough to do damage.


Are cockapoos hard to train?

The AKC National Foundation for Animal Care and Control says that “Cockapoos are curious and eager, and love attention. They should be given all the attention they desire. This is the best way to train them.”


Are cockapoos good with seniors and elderly?

The APA adds that cockapoos are also good with seniors. In a dog owner profile for AZ, Mupps, a post says, “My cockapoo is a little bashful at first but has absolutely no fear. After a few minutes she is ready to give them kisses and be a lap dog.


How long do cockapoos live?

Cockapoo puppies usually have a life span of 10 to 12 years.

What health problems do cockapoos have?

They are quite energetic dogs They can have some health issues, The eyes of your cockapoo should be healthy and clear and you should be able to see both eyes of your puppy. They have many different health issues like most dogs. Issues with eyes, ears, hips, hearts and feet are just a few. Don’t be worried, nothing out of the ordinary.


How to tell if your dog is a cockapoo?

To see if your cockapoo puppy is a cockapoo, you should know the Breed Standard and look at the tail and size of the dog. A puppy with a fully curled tail and not too fat will be a cockapoo. You should also be able to see the paws and nails of your cockapoo puppy. And you should be able to see the eyes of your puppy from the front and if they appear glaucoma, then you should get your puppy examined to know whether your puppy is a cockapoo.


What colors do cockapoos come in?

The many variations of the cockapoo have led to an infinite number of different possible colors, coats, and sizes, from miniature, to giant, to Miniature X. In addition to the standard color of white, most cockapoo owners also breed their cockapoos to come in a variety of different colors such as blue, chocolate, and red, as well as Australian shepherds, who are classified as either golden or fawn colors.


Do cockapoos like cats?

As most cat owners know, cats are extremely independent creatures, with very limited means to communicate with other animals (and even other humans). They are extremely adept at using human-made materials as a medium to convey their message, and most cats only respond to harsh vocal sounds.


Do cockapoos have a chewing problem?

Destructive chewing, generally, is something cockapoo while they are puppies who are most responsible for, because they not only have a psychological craving to chew but also need a physical craving to do so.


Are cockapoos good as watch dogs?

Yes, they can. But they are not highly-rated as watch dogs. Cockapoos are average watch dogs.


Do Cockapoos moult?

Yes, Cockapoos will have a coat condition called ‘hairy dog syndrome’. This condition has nothing to do with moulting, but it is caused by a hormone deficiency. The hypopigmentation (deletion of melanocytes) of the coat prevents normal desensitization, so Cockapoos have a permanent and uncontrollable deep orange to dark red coat color. This makes them a nightmare to keep groomed.


Can cockapoos live in cities?

New research from Texas A&M University suggests yes, they can! A genetic study, published today in Scientific Reports, showed that cockapoos that don’t live in cities and suburbs have many more genes associated with bad eyesight, allergies and hair loss than those that live in the city or suburbs. However, cockapoos living in the city were identified as significantly healthier. “Our results indicate that urbanization isn’t so bad for this breed. They don’t have high levels of bad genes,” said Becca Piscitelli, assistant professor of veterinary clinical sciences at Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine, a senior author of the study.