Coton de Tulear Dog Breed Information

Description: The Coton de Tulear is a small dog that is 10-12 inches in height and 12-15 pounds in weight. The name Coton is French for cotton and this describes the coat, this is the main feature and the coat is like cotton or fluffy not silky.

They have a long topcoat that covers the thin and lightly muscled forelegs and body. The face is covered in the cotton fur, the eyes are round and medium in size.

The ears hang close to the head and hang downwards. The muzzle is small but in good proportion to the head. The nose is black. Their body is in good proportion to the head and this dog has a nice gait.

Colors come in white and black, white and tri-colored, white is best for showing and there are some dogs that have slight yellow markings on the ears. Life expectancy is 14-16 years.

History: The Coton de Tulear history goes back some thousand years. Staying nearly unknown in Madagascar where it was held to breed type by the wealthy residents of Tulear in an area of southern Madagascar.

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This breed has only been reintroduced to Europe and the USA in the last 20 years. The breed is thought to be a Bichon type related to the French Bichon and the Italian Bolognese.

It is thought that this dog came to Madagascar with French troops and then developed from there. It is still rare but is popular with the Madagascan upper-classes and has gained a new fan base in the USA.

The Coton de Tulear has been recognized by the FCI in 1970. In its home country, the Coton de Tulear is the official dog.

Temperament: True to the Bichon-type dog this is a dog that is friendly and affectionate. They are alert and gentle while being sociable. Here is a dog that gets on well with children other animals and dogs.

The Coton de Tulear gets very attached to their owner and also their home. They work hard at pleasing you and make good watchdogs. They learn quickly but do have a stubborn streak so training needs to be fun and you have to be a good pack leader.

This is a bright dog that needs good leadership and house rules to follow allowing the dog to know you are the boss. They love to do tricks and are known to walk on their back legs and jump.

Be a firm consistent leader offering training and walks daily and this will stop small dog syndrome, which is where the dog tries to rule the house and leads to an unhappy dog who is barky and bad-mannered.

The dog is far happier being a dog and this does mean house rules and you as the leader. This is a small dog but they like to get out and walk and love open spaces, they can swim and they can do things like agility and skills trials. They may be small in size but this dog loves to do things with you.

Health issues: There are no health issues for the Coton de Tulear.

Grooming: The Coton de Tulear needs daily brushing, of the light-textured and long hair. This needs to be done with care. They only need bathing twice a year and should never be cut with scissors. This breed is a light shedder.

Living conditions: The Coton de Tulear can live in an apartment happily providing that they have their daily walks and you exercise them both mentally and physically. They can do well without a garden.

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