Dachshund Yorkie Mix

What exactly is a Dachshund Yorkie Mix?

The Dachshund Yorkie Mix is a designer breed that comes from breeding a full blood Yorkie and full blood Dachshund dog together.
The Dachshund can be a Miniature or Standard in size.

This breed is also called a Dorkie, Dorkies or Dachshund Yorkie Hybrid.

A standard size Yorkie is 7 to 8 lbs and a standard size Dachshund can be 16 to 32 lbs or more. A miniature Dachshund will usually be 11 lbs or less full grown.

I have never saw Dachshund Yorkie mix Puppies in person so I am not sure what they would look like.

Mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier than full blood dogs and this is why designer or hybrid dogs are quickly becoming as popular as many of the AKC registered breeds.

There are many registries where you can get registry papers including 5-generation pedigrees also.

The best advice I can give you is study each individual breed and determine both the temperament and characteristics in each of the breeds.

Most of your designer or hybrid breeds come in many different sizes, including Teacup, Tiny Toy, Miniature and Standard.

It is best to ask the breeder the size and weight of the parents to get a better idea of what size the puppy you are interested will be as an adult. It is harder with the mixed breeds to determine an exact adult weight.


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