Decker Terrier

Description: The Decker Terrier is a hybrid and this is from the Standard Rat Terrier and possibly the Basenji. This began in 1970.

This dog has the smooth coat and the carriage along with the erect ears from the Basenji.

The Smooth Coated Fox Terrier and a Feist these are hardy dogs and add solid temperament along with the drive to hunt.

All this breeding has give the Decker Terrier a larger dog that is well muscled with a broader muzzle that is squarer in shape.

The Decker Terrier body is well boned and agile. The ears are V shaped and set on the outer edge of the head, erect ears cartilage is best but tipped or button is fine.

The teeth are scissor bite but a level bite is allowed. The eyes are dark hazel to dark brown there is also amber; the rims of the eyes are dark. The tail is normally docked and there is a natural bob tail. The coat is thick and dense with a high sheen.

Traditionally they are tri-color in lots of patterns; there is also a bi-color. Colors are black, tan, white and apricot. They are valued as a working Terrier and this is the best way to see the dog rather than in size or colors. The weight is 22-40 pounds and the height is 16-19 inches.

History: Here is a dog that has reached breed status through the UABR and this has happened in just over 35 years. In that time they were barely known, as a breed, or that this dog ever existed.

This bred has been developed in America by a few good American people that saw this lovely dog would go extinct without a good breeding program and so in 2000 this is what they did.

With finding some dogs and the bitch called Simons Lucy and she became the Seegmiller breeding program dog and without this the breed would not be here today.

Today the Decker Terrier has stayed true to the first of these dogs and they have saved the breed.

Temperament: The Decker Terrier is a great hunting dog. They are feisty, alert and intelligent. The intelligence comes into play when they have to be problem solvers. They are agile and fast and a tough breed.

They are also good family pets and loyal and good companion. The Decker Terrier has a great temperament; they train well and need an owner that is firm but not harsh. Good leadership is needed.

They are good with children but are not to be left with other non-canine pets due to their hunting roots. Socialize well as a pup and this will help the dog to cope with new situations.

Give this dog good house rules to follow and plenty of daily exercise both physically and mentally. This will help the dog to be settled, not bored and full of energy.

If they get bored they can be harder to handle and they will find ways to entertain themselves.

They can be diggers and some training into not digging could be needed but if they are walked well then these problems do not arise.

Health issues: This is a dog of good health generally.

Grooming: This dog needs grooming weekly and this is best done with brushing to remove any dead hairs.

Living conditions: The Decker Terrier can live in an apartment if they have enough daily exercise and only need a small to medium garden with good fencing.

The above information is strictly for information purposes only.

Please do your own research to see if the dog breed, breeder or rescue organization is reputable and the right fit for you and your family.

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