Deer Head Chihuahua

The Chihuahua breed is considered to be perhaps the smallest dogs in the world. The breed mix known as Deer head Chihuahua are typically small and considered to be highly faithful dogs.

These dogs are also quite energetic and in most cases, will keep you occupied with them the entire day. Deer head Chihuahua is a popular pet amongst celebrities, movie stars and other famous personalities.

The Deer head Chihuahua is originally from Mexico and is very popular for its long life, which is up to 18 years or more. Deer head Chihuahua is a healthy breed with certain peculiar features.

Before you decide to get the Deer head Chihuahua at home, it is of prime importance to get a better idea about Deer head Chihuahua, its health maintenance, basic amenities and requirements, temperament, personality etc.

The terms teacup, tiny toy, deer face or Deer head Chihuahua etc. are the different breeds of the Chihuahua dogs. The term Deer head Chihuahua denotes the apple shape or the shape of a dome on the head of the dog.

The Deer head Chihuahua is a very much adored and devoted breed of dogs. Deer head Chihuahua is characteristic of being very comical, smart and shrewd, alert and brave.

The long haired Deer head Chihuahua has an undercoat which is smooth while a long overcoat. But this characteristic feature representing this breed (Deer head Chihuahua) must not be misunderstood with the Pomeranian breed.

The Deer head Chihuahua is recognized among all the breeds due to the American Kennel club whether the hair of Deer head Chihuahua is long or short.

Deer head Chihuahua is characterized with large, dark eyes and erect ears. The height ranges from 12 inches to 15 inches tall.

The weight of Deer head Chihuahua varies from 6 pounds to almost 10 pounds for the heavier dogs. The color combinations of the Deer head Chihuahua are quite regular.

These dogs come in basic colors ranging from white, black, fawn, chocolate, blue-grey, silver, brindle, merle, tricolor of chocolate, blue/ black, tan/ white markings etc.

Being small in size, the Deer head Chihuahua doesn’t need much exercise although it is a very playful dog. Deer head Chihuahua is good at socialization but is considered to be very difficult to train.

However, owing to the small size, the Deer head Chihuahua constitutes to be a perfect pet dog for the elderly people, those people who live in apartments and flats, people who have a small back yard etc.

The Deer head Chihuahua can be best handled with adults and the slightly older children. On account of the small size, Deer head Chihuahua is more prone to get hurt when it is handled with the smaller children.

Hence, it is best to have adult supervision when the Deer head Chihuahua is with the younger children.

The Deer head Chihuahua is highly sensitive to cold and damp weather conditions. This is the reason why Deer head Chihuahua has to be kept in coats and sweaters especially during the winter season and also at times during to summer, when Deer head Chihuahua tends to feel cold.

Deer head Chihuahua also requires immense care to be taken for its dental needs, pregnancy and child birth, seizures and epilepsy. It is often a phenomenon for the Deer head Chihuahua to suffer from neurological disorders and the problem of knee-cap.


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