Dog Boarding Checklist

Whether you just need to get your dog out of the house for a few days, or you’re taking a weekend with the family and need someone to watch your pooch, dog boarding is usually the answer people turn to.

Of course, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind when it comes to dog boarding, so it’s best that you go down a checklist before you hand over your best friend to someone else’s hands.

Choosing A Kennel

The first step to getting your dog boarded is to find an appropriate kennel. Whether you prefer to shop online or wander through the yellow pages is up to you, but once you find prospective dog boarding facilities you need to go there and take a look around.

Bring your dog with to see how your pet reacts to the staff and the facilities, and so the staff can get an idea of how well your dog can be handled. Make up a list of questions ranging from licenses to fees, to how much food your dog gets and how big the kennel is.

You should get a satisfactory answer to all of your questions before you even think about boarding your dog, even for a short time.

Arranging The Kennel

Once you’ve made your decision on the dog boarding location, you need to get all of your arrangements made and set in stone. Be sure that you know when you can drop your dog off, what you need to bring, and when you can expect to pick your canine up.

Be sure that all necessary paperwork is signed and that all of the fees you’re expected to pay are in order and accounted for.

It’s very important that you have everything in order in advance so that the dog boarding goes as smoothly as possible and you can get on with your trip without any inconvenience.

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Picking Up Your Dog

Always try and call to be sure that your dog is ready to be picked up on time. Dog boarding can have problems and hiccoughs with business, so try and communicate and stay in touch with the people caring for your pet so you can be on the same page and avoid any potentially awkward problems when it comes to getting your pet back.

Things To Look For From Your Dog Boarding:

1. Knowledgeable experts who can answer all of your questions.

2. People who can get along well with your dog.

3. Facilities that are comfortable and meet all your dog’s needs.

4. Reasonable prices with no hidden fees or required contracts.

5. Dog boarding that includes things like food, toys, and bedding in case you don’t want to bring additional.

6. Willingness to work with you, the customer, around your and your dog’s needs.

Always remember that you’re the customer in this arrangement. If your dog boarding service either can’t or won’t fulfill the needs that you and your pet have for your stay, find yourself another dog boarding facility.