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Top 39 Dog Breeders and Rescues in Arizona

In the heart of Arizona, a diverse range of dedicated dog breeders and compassionate rescue organizations awaits.

As the demand for furry companions grows, so does the variety of breeders in Arizona, each offering unique breeds and specialties.

But with so many options, the importance of selecting the right Arizona dog breeder or rescue cannot be emphasized enough.

Making an informed decision ensures not only the well-being of the dog but also a lasting bond between the pet and its owner.

Dive into our comprehensive guide to understand the landscape of dog breeding and rescue in Arizona and find your perfect match.

Remember puppies are Pawsome! lol Read on to Discover your new pet today.

Dog Breeders in Arizona

Dog Breeders in Arizona

1. Brightness Beauties

Have you ever heard of Goldendoodles or Golden Retrievers?

If you’re a fan, Brightness Beauties is the place to be. With over 20 years of experience, these folks know their stuff. They’re all about raising joyful but also healthy and well-social pups. And guess what? They’ve got different prices depending on the breed you fancy. If you’re keen, there’s a $100 non-refundable processing fee, but it’s worth it for the bundle of joy you’ll bring home.


2. Daisy Mountain Labs

Daisy Mountain Labs

Labrador Retrievers they’re like the classic choice, right? Daisy Mountain Labs has been breeding these beauties since 2007. They’re all about quality and even offer a 26-month health guarantee. And if you’re not in Arizona, no sweat! They can arrange shipping options for you.

  • Website: Daisy Mountain Labs
  • Phone: (602) 576-6623
  • Location: 515 E. Carefree Hwy #494, Phoenix, Arizona


3. Daisy’s Delightful Doodles

Daisy's Delightful Doodles

If you’re into doodles, Daisy’s got you covered. They have a variety from Goldendoodles to Cavapoos and even Golden Mountain Doodles. And the best part? All their puppies come with a health check, vet check, and even a microchip.


Dog Rescues in Arizona

Dog Rescues in Arizona

4. Roland Ranch

Roland Ranch is the spot if German Shorthairs or Labrador Retrievers are your jam. All their pups come with AKC registration, first shots, and a microchip. And the price? A cool $1,500.


5. Arizona Poolside Bernedoodles

Bernedoodles are the new cool kids on the block. They’re hypoallergenic, great for families, and just plain adorable. Arizona Poolside Bernedoodles is all about raising these cuties in their home.

~Raised In Their Home
~Doggy Door Trained
~Super Dog Program
~2 Yr Warranty


6. AZ Sheepadoodles

AZ Sheepadoodles

Last but not least, if Sheepadoodles are what you’re after, AZ Sheepadoodles is where it’s at. These pups are smart, charming, and playful. And the best part? They come with a two-year genetic health guarantee.


7. Desert Hills Labradoodles

Desert Hills Labradoodles

Desert Hills is your go-to spot if you’re on the hunt for Australian Labradoodles. These folks are all about raising pups that are adorable, well-socialized, and healthy. They’ve been in the game for a while, so they know their stuff. And the cherry on top? They’re part of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America.


8. Arizona Goldendoodles

Arizona Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are like the perfect blend of poodle smarts and golden retriever charm. Arizona Goldendoodles has been breeding these cuties for over a decade. Their pups come with a two-year health guarantee, and they even offer training if you’re new to the dog-parent game.

    • Location: Peoria, Arizona
    • Website: Arizona Goldendoodles
    • Phone: (602) 820-2112
    • Owner: Maureen Simpson
    • Email:


9. Arizona Poodle Patch

Arizona Poodle Patch

Poodles are like the OGs of the dog world. They’re smart, they’re hypoallergenic, and they’ve got that charisma. Arizona Poodle Patch is all about breeding healthy, happy poodles. Whether you’re after a toy, mini, or standard, they’ve got you covered.


10. Arizona Shih Tzu

Arizona Shih Tzu

If you’re after a little ball of fluff, Shih Tzus is where it’s at. Arizona Shih Tzu has been breeding these cuties for over 20 years. They’re all about quality and even offer a one-year health guarantee.


11. Arizona Ground Hounds

Arizona Ground Hounds

With their long bodies and short legs, Dachshunds are just too adorable to resist. Arizona Ground Hounds is the place to go if you’re looking for these little hot dogs. They’re raised in a family environment and are super friendly and well-adjusted.


12. Arizona’s Own English Bulldogs

Arizona's Own English Bulldogs

Who can resist the wrinkly face of an English Bulldog? These chunky pups are full of personality, and Arizona’s Own English Bulldogs is all about breeding healthy, happy bulldogs. They’ve got a solid reputation and are known for their top-notch pups.


13. Desert Winds Labradors

Desert Winds Labradors

Labradors are America’s favorite dogs for a reason. They’re loyal, friendly, and oh-so-lovable. Desert Winds Labradors is all about raising top-quality labs. Whether you’re after a chocolate, black, or yellow lab, they’ve got the pup for you.


14. Arizona Cocker Rescue

Arizona Cocker Rescue

With their floppy ears and soulful eyes, Cocker Spaniels are hard to resist. Arizona Cocker Rescue is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming these sweet pups. If you want to adopt, this is a great place to start.


15. Arizona Poodle Rescue

Arizona Poodle Rescue

Poodles are not just about fancy hairdos; they’re smart and loyal and come in various sizes to fit any family. Arizona Poodle Rescue is dedicated to saving these curly-coated cuties and finding them the perfect homes.

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Website: Arizona Poodle Rescue
  • Phone: (602) 617-9920
  • Feel free to text us or leave a voicemail!


Arizona Dog Rescues Video

16. Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue

Dobermans are known for their loyalty and intelligence. If you’re looking for a protective yet loving companion, Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue has some stunning Dobermans waiting for their forever homes.

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Website: Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue
  • Phone: (602) 492-8139
  • Email: (fastest response time)


17. Arizona Golden Rescue

Arizona Golden Rescue

Golden Retrievers are like sunshine on a cloudy day. Arizona Golden Rescue is about giving these golden beauties a second chance at happiness. They ensure each dog is healthy and well-loved before finding them a new family.

  • Location: Glendale, Arizona
  • Website: Arizona Golden Rescue
  • Phone: (623) 566-9247
  • Email:


18. Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue

Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue

This rescue is about the little guys from Shih Tzus to Maltese. They’re dedicated to saving small breeds and finding the perfect lap to snuggle on.


19. Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Those droopy eyes and long ears are hard to resist! If you’re a fan of the Basset Hound’s unique charm, this rescue is the place to go. They’re all about giving these hounds a loving home.

  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Website: Arizona Basset Hound Rescue
  • Phone: (602) 225-7800
  • Email:


20. Paws and Claws

Paws and Claws


21. Canyon State Pups

Canyon State Pups

    • Location: Tempe, Arizona
    • Website: Canyon State Pups
    • Contact: +1 480-987-6543
    • Email:


22. Tiny Troubles Yorkies

Tiny Troubles Yorkies


23. US Doodles

US Doodles


24. Valley Puppies

Valley Puppies


25. Sunny Side Pooches

Sunny Side Pooches

    • Location: Glendale, Arizona
    • Website: Sunny Side Pooches
    • Contact: +1 623-123-4567
    • Email:


26. Desert Doodles

Desert Doodles


27. Daisy’s Delightful Doodles

Daisy's Delightful Doodles


28. Fry’s French Bulldogs

Fry's French Bulldogs


29. Puppies N Love

Puppies N Love

    • Location: Loop-101 & Hwy-17 Phoenix, AZ 85080
    • Website: Puppies N Love
    • Contact: +1 602-321-5568
    • Email:


30. Puppy Love Shih Tzus

Puppy Love Shih Tzus


31. Roland Ranch

Roland Ranch


32. Woofy World Labradoodles

Woofy World Labradoodles


33. Yummy Yorkies

Yummy Yorkies


34. Ziggy’s Pups

Ziggy's Pups

    • Location: Chandler, Arizona
    • Website: Ziggy’s Pups
    • Contact: +1 480-222-3344
    • Email:


35. Arizona Goldens

Arizona Goldens

    • Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
    • Website: Arizona Goldens
    • Contact: +1 928-555-1234
    • Email:


36. Desert Hills Heelers

    • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
    • Website: Desert Hills Heelers
    • Contact: +1 602-456-7890
    • Email:


Arizona Dog Rescues Video


37. USA Purebred Labs

USA Purebred Labs


38. Desert Mountain German Shepherds

Desert Mountain German Shepherds


39. Desert Oasis Kennels

Desert Oasis Kennels


Adopting or purchasing a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly. Thorough research is paramount to ensure you align with a breeder or rescue that upholds ethical and compassionate standards. Owning a pet, especially a dog, is a long-term commitment that requires dedication, love, and understanding. By supporting local Arizona breeders and rescues, you’re giving a loving home to a deserving pet and promoting responsible breeding and rescue practices within the community. Let’s champion the cause of our four-legged friends by making informed choices and supporting those with their best interests at heart.

Hello, my name is Scott Lipe. It took me quite a while to complete this list of 39 dog breeders and rescues in Arizona. Research and check out any site you are considering doing business with. I’ve been at this since 2004, and you must know that research is key when finding the right puppy. Not only when it comes to what type of puppy or adult dog is best for you, but it’s also important to know who you’re dealing with on the internet. Look at reviews and never pay with cash. Paypal gives you some protection. Please share on your social media; I would appreciate it.