About the Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is an ancient type, his whole appearance among self-respect and aloofness– his eyes gazing into the range as if in memory of ages past. An intelligent and independent mind, his whole look one of self-respect and style. To his own, he is devoted and loyal to a charming and vibrant character. The Afghan Hound is a professional athlete efficient in enormous speed and needs a big fenced in yard and workout daily.

Given that ancient times, Afghan Hounds have actually been well-known for their elegant beauty. But the thick, smooth, flowing coat that is the type’s crowning glory isn’t just for the program– it functioned as defense from the severe climate in mountainous areas where Afghans initially earned their keep. Below the Afghan’s glamorous outside is a powerful, nimble hound– standing as high as 27 inches at the shoulder– built for a long day’s hunt. Their substantial paw-pads functioned as shock absorbers on their homeland’s penalizing surface.

Afghan, Greyhound, Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Care

The Afghan Hound needs to do well on top-quality canine food, whether commercially manufactured or home-prepared with your vet’s guidance and approval. Any diet should be appropriate to the dog’s age (young puppy, adult, or senior). As sighthounds, Afghan Hounds have naturally svelte bodies, and their extending hipbones are a special type characteristic, not a sign of being underweight. That said, Afghan Hounds are athletic, active canines, so be mindful that your dog is getting enough great nutrition to meet his requirements. Find out about which human foods are safe for pet dogs, and which are not. Consult your vet if you have any issues about your dog’s weight or diet plan. Clean, freshwater needs to be offered at all times.

Afghan History

Some authorities maintain that the Afghan Hound is the earliest type of pure-blooded dogs. Afghan Hounds belong to the subcategory of hound types understood as sighthounds, pet dogs who rely on their scenic vision and explosive speed to area and pursue their prey.

A component of Eastern culture since the dawn of civilization, the Afghan hound didn’t make its entryway on the stage of Western history till the late 1800s. It was then that English officers returning from the British Empire’s farthest corners presented the breed to Europe. By the early 1900s, the Afghan was a favored type of the British gentry.

Since then, the Afghan’s popularity in America has been developed on his sterling qualities as a pet and his show-stopping presence in the ring. The giant sculpture by Pablo Picasso in Chicago’s Daley Plaza portrays Kabul, the artist’s much-loved Afghan Hound.

Afghan Hound General Appearance

The Afghan Hound is an aristocrat, his entire look one of self-respect and aloofness without any trace of plainness or coarseness. He has a straight front, happily carried head, eyes looking into the range as if in memory of ages past. The striking characteristics of the breed-exotic, or “Eastern,” expression, long smooth topknot, strange coat pattern, very popular hipbones, big feet, and the impression of a somewhat exaggerated bend in the stifle due to profuse trouserings-stand out plainly, providing the Afghan Hound the look of what he is, a king of dogs, that has actually held true to tradition throughout the ages.

Afghan, Greyhound, Afghan Hound, Spout


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