Anglo Francais

Description: The Anglo-Francais is a medium sized hunting dog and is a scent hound.

These dogs’ usually hunt in packs. This dog looks balanced and well proportioned.

This breed, to look at resembles the other French breeds of hunting dogs.

They have a strong bone structure and the coloring is very pleasing to the eye.

Bred for hunting this dog does its job very well. The skull is convex and is elongated blending with the muzzle.

It has brown eyes that are large and these are soulful. This is an agile dog that has vast stamina and can cover all types of terrain.

The weight is not very important, but it is about 34-44 pounds and the height is 16-18 inches. The tail is held high and the ears are pendent and set low.

This breed was bred for the hunt and that is where you see this dog in its element.

Unlike other hounds this dog has become a pet and is happy to live with its family.

History: The Anglo-Francais dog is also called the small French English Hound and its history is in hunting where it has been a hare and rabbit hunting dog.

There are thoughts that this dog was around in the 16th century, Henry II of France had his white bitches mated with Scottish male dogs, and from these several breeds have been developed, one of these is the Anglo-Francais.

These dogs have nearly always worked as pack hounds. The dog has very good scenting abilities and stamina to match.

Although this breed has mainly hunted small prey, they have hunted deer, wild boar and pheasants. Here is a dog that is raised with a pack and hunts with the same pack.

It is thought to be a cross with the English Beagle and small French hunting dogs. In 1957 the French Hunting Association came about.

This dog is a native French dog and is not to be found outside of France. In 1978 standards were written.

Temperament: This dog is high in energy and a working dog that can cope with all terrains.

The Anglo-Francias is not a true small dog, but it is called small as it hunts mostly small game.

This is a quick and agile dog. This dog can live with a family and make a nice companion. They are clean in nature and do not have a doggy smell.

They are good with children. Keen to please and will learn basic commands. This dog bonds well with the family, but will require a lot of physical exercise daily to help them be settled.

Walking the Anglo-Francais dog is better on a lead as their natural instincts are to hunt small animals, and they can soon scent a chase.

This is a good dog for an active family that does not live in the city, as this dog needs lots of space to fully exercise.

They require a firm but fair pack leader that is naturally authoritative without having to be harsh.

Health issues: The Anglo-Francais breed has good health but can be prone to ear infections.

Grooming: The Anglo-Francais has a short and smooth coat, this makes grooming easy.

All that is required is to give the dog a weekly brushing, to remove any dirt and to help the skin. This is a non-smelly dog and bathing needs only to be done if really necessary.

Living conditions: An Anglo-Francais is unsuitable for apartment living and will need a large garden that has good fencing.

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