Appenzell Mountain Dog

Description: The Appenzell Mountain Dog is also known as the Appenzell Cattle dog.

Here is a dog that is not large but is muscular and well built. This is a hardy dog. The head is wide and appears flat.

The muzzle narrows and stops at a black nose. The ears are pendent, and hang. The eyes are small and always dark in color. Its tail is rolled up on the back. The limbs are straight.

Appenzell Mountain Dog, Animal

The Appenzell Mountain Dog head colors have white blaze and rust markings over the eyes these have to be present in all dogs.

The colors on the main coat are black and brown with symmetrical white and rust markings. The rust is always between the black and white.

History: There are two thoughts as to the origins of the Appenzell Mountain dog. The first is that it developed back in the Bronze Age in Switzerland.

Whilst the other is that it was brought to Switzerland by the molossus and the Romans. This is one of the four Swiss Sennenhunds. This breed is the rarest of the four.

This dog has been a working dog bringing carts of milk and cheese from the valleys to the merchants in the larger towns. It has been a herding dog in both the valleys and mountains.

The Appenzell Mountain dog also is a guard dog guarding the farmer’s property. This dog does not know the word lazy and just works hard all day and night, for its owner.

Temperament: The Appenzell Mountain Dog dog just has so many great characteristics, being intelligent, brave, and affectionate.

They can live in harmony with other pets, in the home, if raised together. Socialize this dog well as young as possible to allow a good experience for the dog.

This dog will be good with children if they understand their place in the family.

This dog will bond more closely with one person. Having high mental and physical energy this dog needs to have lots of good long walks to satisfy its needs.

The Appenzell Mountain Dog will need a good consistent pack leader. Due to this being an intelligent dog, they train well. They have a need for open spaces and love freedom.

They will do well at agility. With this dog, the problems you can see, if exercise is not enough are; being highly strung, barking obsessively, and being over protective.

This dog if given a job will do it to the very best of its ability and they do not like to just lie around the house. This dog needs a very active outdoor family.

Health issues: The Appenzell Mountain Dog breed has good health over all. Grooming: The Appenzell Mountain Dog needs little grooming.

Have a rubber brush and groom weekly to take out any dead hair. Living conditions: Here is a dog that is unsuitable for apartment living and will prefer to live outdoors.

The Appenzell Mountain Dog needs acreage to allow them to run free.

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