Dog Food High in Protein

Worth Feeding To Your Faithful Friend? More and more dog owners are starting to worry about what they are feeding their pets and the nutritional content of the food that is essential for your pet’s health.

There is so much choice nowadays for your dogs such as high protein dog food, homemade or natural dog food and specialty or premium dog food, you find yourself asking is it actually any good for your dog or simply a bit of a rip-off?

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Since this site is about high protein dog food I will concentrate on just that option here. There are many other posts about the other types so feel free to surf around the site for more information.

High Protein Dog Food – Is It Any Good & Implications?

Firstly there are some rumors that high protein dog food can actually harm your dogs such as kidney or skeletal problems.

I believe this to be a complete myth. The reason is dogs are not like humans. Dog’s bodies are programmed for a high protein diet consisting mainly of meat.

Think if they were in the wild which is how their bodies are tuned. This means that it is a good thing to feed your dog high protein dog food as it will actually help your dog’s growth.

There is one exception and that is if your dog actually suffers from kidney problems then you should keep them on a moderate-protein diet rather than high.

Dogs with no kidney issues need a high protein diet to help keep them healthy and away from the vets as not enough protein could lead to health issues in later life.

Some High Protein Dog Food Tips

Make sure the high protein and calcium content is not too excessive in the products targeting the larger dog breeds. About 2% more than standard is all that is required.

Double-check the fat content. High protein pet food-derived mainly from animal fat will be good for active pets but not so much so for housebound sedentary animals.

If you really want your dog to love you then you can manually increase the protein content of your dog’s food by adding bits of fresh meat, fish and eggs mixed in with the food. I’m sure these added extras will be lapped up with joy!

On a final note, it is dogs that are on a high carbohydrate diet that usually displays behavior problems so make of that what you will.

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