**Taking care of your furry buddy’s teeth matters a lot**. But, the costs of pet care pile up quickly. **Good thing there’s budget-friendly dog dental insurance**! It helps keep your pup’s teeth healthy. Policies include cleanings and extractions, ensuring your dog gets the best care. **Whether you have an energetic pup or a chill one**, companies like Embrace support you. They offer pet dental insurance, so you don’t worry about your dog’s dental care.

Key Takeaways

  • Dental disease affects up to 90% of dogs and cats over the age of 3.
  • Doggy dental plan and doggie dental insurance from Embrace provide coverage for dental accidents and illnesses up to $1,000 per policy year.
  • Embrace covered 93% of claims related to dog teeth protection last year.
  • Embrace policies include coverage for feline dental issues up to $1,000 per policy term.
  • The optional Wellness Rewards program by Embrace reimburses for preventive veterinary care like teeth cleaning, with allowances ranging from $250 to $650 per policy year.

But what’s the cost of not having the right pet dental insurance coverage? With Embrace, you can keep your pet’s pooch dental policy and fido tooth insurance in great shape. And you won’t spend a ton of money doing it.

The Importance of Dog Dental Health

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is very important. It helps them stay healthy. The chance of getting dental problems varies for each dog, like their breed, age, and what they eat. But, many pets still suffer from dental diseases. For example, 90% of dogs over 4 have gum disease. Also, over 70% of cats over 2 have dental issues.

Likelihood of Dental Illnesses and Injuries

Dental issues can cause your pet a lot of pain. They might break a tooth or get sore gums. If not treated, this can lead to bigger health problems. That’s why the ASPCA’s Complete CoverageSM plan helps with dental care. This way, your pet can get the help they need without worry.

Preventing Dental Illnesses and Injuries

It’s best to stop dental issues before they start. You can do this by brushing your pet’s teeth. Also, giving them dental chews and teeth-cleaning toys helps. Regular vet check-ups are important too. But these visits aren’t part of Embrace’s dental insurance. Yet, you can get money back with Embrace’s Wellness Rewards. This helps make sure your pet’s teeth stay clean and healthy.

Dog Insurance Dental Coverage from Embrace

Your dog is like family. Their health is very important. Embrace’s pet insurance is a promise. We’re here for you and your pet through it all. We cover everything from little accidents to routine care.

And yes, dental care too. We’ll handle those dental woes that come up. With us, you can relax. Your pet gets the best care, whatever happens.

Does Embrace pet insurance cover dental?

Many plans don’t offer dental care. But we know it’s key to your pet’s health. That’s why we include $1,000 in dental coverage. Your pet’s smile will stay bright and happy.

Some pre-existing conditions aren’t covered. We do help with many dental problems, though. Last year, we tackled 93% of these claims. Let us help your pet feel great again.

How to Find Pet Insurance that Covers Dental

Looking for dental pet insurance? It’s crucial to check policy details. Look at the yearly dental coverage limits, waiting periods, and if teeth cleaning is covered. Know what you’re getting.

This helps you choose what’s best for your pet. You can find a policy that fits your budget and your pet’s needs.

Dog Dental Insurance Coverage Details

Dogs bring love and joy but also face dental issues. These problems can harm their health and happiness. At Embrace, we help you with dog dental care. This ensures your furry friend stays healthy and happy with you.

Surprisingly, 90% of dogs over four years old have had periodontal disease. Also, 70% of cats over two years old have faced this issue. Treating these dental problems can be expensive. Common treatments can cost between $50 to $300. Our pet insurance plans include $1,000 in dental coverage as a standard feature. This keeps your pet’s smile bright without worries.

Embrace’s dog dental coverage goes beyond basic cleanings. It covers many procedures, including fixing broken teeth and handling gum diseases. With Embrace, your dog’s dental health is well cared for, whatever the case. Last year, we covered 93% of claims. That shows our strong commitment to your furry companion’s well-being.

Pet Insurance Provider Average Monthly Premiums for Dogs Average Monthly Premiums for Cats
Fetch $103 $103
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance $46 $19
Healthy Paws $57.55 $25.23
Figo $54 $26

Pet dental insurance costs can change based on who you choose, where you are, and the coverage you pick. With Embrace, your dog’s dental care is a top focus. We offer full coverage for your peace of mind.

Dental Insurance for Cats

Your cat needs your help for good dental health. Like people, cats can get dental issues. They may face problems like plaque and gum diseases. These can make it hard for them to eat and cause bad breath. That’s why Embrace offers up to $1,000 for dental issues. They care about making your pet’s life the best it can be.

Feline Dental Care Needs

Cats need regular dental care just like us. They might get gingivitis and periodontal disease. These can be painful and cause bad breath. Without care, these issues can lead to health problems. That’s why taking care of your cat’s teeth is so important. Embrace helps by offering a plan that takes care of these needs.

Dog & Cat Coverage for Routine Dental Care

Embrace thinks that regular pet dental care is really important. It keeps your pet health in good shape. Embrace is rated highly on Pet Insurance Review.com because of this. They pay for preventive dental care through their pet wellness plans.

The Animal Foundation says 70% of cats and 80% of dogs show signs of gum disease by age three. To help, Embrace offers their Wellness Rewards program. This program helps cover the cost of things like teeth cleaning. These are important to stop major mouth problems.

Embrace’s Wellness Rewards Program

Looking after your pet’s teeth means they’ll be healthier and happier. With Embrace’s help, this care is more affordable. They give $250 to $650 per year for dental needs.

Benefits of Preventive Dental Care

The ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance includes dental care in their Complete CoverageSM. This plan even pays for tooth removal due to accidents or illness. Plus, you can get extra dental care coverage for a small additional fee each month. This helps with regular teeth cleanings.

You need to choose the right plan based on your pet’s details. The cost changes based on factors like where you live and what your pet is. Routine cleanings are covered if your pet’s dentist thinks it’s necessary. This can be for dental sickness or with the extra dental care coverage.

Finding the Cheapest Dog Dental Insurance

Looking for affordable pet insurance for dental care is smart for pet owners. ManyPets and Lemonade are great choices for low-cost coverage. They stand out in the market for their cheap dog and cat dental insurance.

ManyPets: Cheapest for Cats

ManyPets shines as the best choice for cat insurance. Covering dental needs costs less than $30 monthly in many cases. Their rates come to around $17 for a 5-year-old male cat and $13 for a 2-year-old female Siamese, on average for all states.

Lemonade: Cheapest for Dogs

Lemonade is the go-to for affordable dog insurance. They offer slightly lower prices than ManyPets. On average, it’s about $29 for a 5-year-old mixed-breed and $31 for a 2-year-old golden retriever.

Tips for Lowering Dog Dental Insurance Costs

Keeping your dog’s teeth healthy is very important. Luckily, there are many ways to save money on your dog dental insurance. This will help your dog keep their smile shiny.

Consult Your Veterinarian

Your vet can suggest an affordable pet insurance plan for your dog. They know what common conditions a pet’s breed might face. They’ll make sure your plan covers these things.

Insure Your Pet Early

Getting insurance early is key because it can’t cover problems your pet already had. Start when they’re young to get the most out of your insurance. Many owners do this before their pets turn two. But starting even earlier is better, if you can. With Fetch, you can start at six weeks old.

Consider Accident-Only Coverage

For $29 a month for dogs and $11 for cats, you can get accident-only coverage. This is about $20 less than plans that cover more. If you have an indoor cat that’s already vaccinated, this might be a good option. It covers accidents, like falling or eating something poisonous, but is cheaper.

Customize Your Policy

You can tweak your policy to match your needs and budget. You can set your deductible, coverage limit, and reimbursement. But, be careful not to reduce your coverage too much. Lowering your protection saves money but could cost you more later if your pet gets hurt or sick.

Look for Discounts

If you have multiple pets or you’re a veteran, you might get a discount on your pet insurance. Always check for any discounts that might apply to you.

The Cost of Professional Dog Teeth Cleaning

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is very important. Regular cleanings by professionals are a key part of their health. These services can vary in cost based on important factors.

What’s Included in Dog Dental Cleaning

Dog dental cleanings usually involve multiple steps. This includes using X-rays to see hidden areas of the mouth. Then, there’s a full check of the teeth, gums, and mouth for any potential issues.

Next, the teeth are cleaned to remove plaque and tartar by a professional. After that, they are polished for a better look. If necessary, anesthesia is used to make sure every tooth is cleaned thoroughly. For dogs with known dental issues, extra treatments and more frequent cleanings may be needed.

Benefits of Professional Dog Dental Care

Even the best at-home brushing can’t match a professional cleaning. In these cleanings, dogs are put under anesthesia so vets can do a more thorough job.

Under this care, vets can remove all tartar and plaque, polish the teeth, and check for deeper problems. This helps keep your dog’s mouth healthy.