Dog Personality Types, Common Traits

When choosing a dog its important to choose a breed with a personality and traits you can handle.

Some owners are up for a challenge and are willing to go through extensive training.

Others want an extremely friendly dog that is great with kids.

Here a few of the common dog personality types.


This type of personality is sociable and friendly. This type tends to adapt to different environments quickly providing he receives regular exercise and training. They have a manageable temperament that allows them to be great family dogs.


This dog personality is generally not as interested in human interaction. They tend to show less affection than the typical dog without the need for human companionship. When given a single purpose and trained, these dogs perform very well in the tasks given to them.


This personality type needs a strong owner who will give it consistent training and precise guidance. Their personality is extremely dominant and he wants to be the leader of “the pack.” They tend to resist human leadership, but with the proper training make excellent police or guard dogs.


This personality type tends to be submissive in nature. This dog is usually easy to train and great with children while continually looking to his master for leadership. The adaptable dig is easy to handle and cooperative. If you are looking for a gentle and affectionate dog, this may be the type for you.


This dog readily accepts the guidance of human leadership who is consistent and firm. If you are an owner who is decisive and determined you can do well with this dog as you train him to be an excellent show or working dog. This type may be self-assured and dominant but he can even do well with a family given the owners know what they are doing.


Just like an insecure person, an insecure dog lacks self-confidence. This dog is very submissive but, bonds very closely with his owner. It is very important to give this type love and affection; otherwise he can grow up to be very shy and fearful. He requires encouragement and regular companionship from a patient and understanding owner. They tend to do well with a predictable lifestyle with a regular routine.

Before purchasing a dog, it’s important to have a good understanding of what dog personality type will work well with your way of life. There is vast amount of information on the internet that can help you find the breed that is right for you.

If you have a smart phone, there is a fantastic app called Perfect Dog that offers an extensive guide to most dog breeds. It also has a great feature that matches your personality and lifestyle with the breeds that will make a great companion for you. You can read more about this app and other great dog apps on our 10 Best Dog Apps page.

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