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Three Notable Dog Rescues in France

If you’re looking for a furry friend to bring home, many dog rescues in France are dedicated to giving dogs a second chance at life. As you search for the perfect pup, here are three of the top dog rescues in France.

1. Refuge des Granges.

This animal rescue is located in Lille and has been saving animals since 1997. The refuge is run by volunteers and focuses on rescuing as many animals as possible from kill shelters (shelters where dogs and cats are euthanized). They have rescued over 12,000 dogs since they opened their doors. The refuge has a no-kill policy and focuses on finding loving homes for each of their pups.



2. SPA de l’Oise.

Located in the Oise region, this shelter was founded in 1927 and is one of the oldest animal shelters in France. It is known for its large selection of rescue dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, sheep, goats, donkeys, and more! They also offer adoption services and work with local veterinarians to provide medical care for all their rescued animals.


3. SPA du Val d’Oise.

This shelter is located near Paris and was established in 1982 to save abandoned or mistreated animals from cruel living conditions or kill shelters. They have adopted over 5500 animals since opening their doors and currently house around 200 dogs daily waiting to find their forever homes. They rely solely on donations from generous individuals and organizations to continue their important work of saving these precious lives.



Whether you’re looking for a new companion or want to give one deserving pup a second chance at life, many incredible dog rescues throughout France can help make your dream come true! By visiting these three notable dog rescues—Refuge des Granges, SPA de l’Oise, and SPA du Val d’Oise—you can find your perfect canine companion while helping countless other furry friends get adopted into loving homes too!


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