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Rescuing Dogs in Germany: Where to Find the Best Dog Shelters

If you’re looking for a new furry family member and want to rescue a pet in Germany, you’ve come to the right place. Many animal shelters across Germany offer loving homes for dogs in need of rescuing.

From small organizations run by one or two people to larger animal rescue centers with dozens of volunteers, these organizations are dedicated to finding forever homes for abandoned dogs. Let’s look at some of the top dog rescues in Germany.

Berliner Tierhilfe eV


First up is Berliner Tierhilfe eV, located in Berlin. This organization was founded in 1997 by Animal Rights Activist Gudrun Koppe and later became a registered non-profit charity organization in 2001. They have over 900 active members and receive no government funding.

The organization rescues dogs and cats from public shelters and provides medical attention before looking for foster families or permanent homes. They also provide an emergency hotline if you ever need help with an animal emergency.

Tierheim München-Nymphenburg

The second dog rescue center we’d like to highlight is Tierheim München-Nymphenburg, located in Munich. This shelter has been rescuing animals since 1993 and takes care of more than 400 animals each year—including cats, rabbits, birds, horses, tortoises, and lizards!

In addition to providing temporary housing for rescued animals while they wait to be adopted into loving homes, they also provide education on responsible pet ownership through their website, which includes resources such as advice on canine nutrition and training tips.


Tierschutzverein Hannover eV


Finally, we’d like to mention Tierschutzverein Hannover eV, located in Hanover. This is a smaller organization that was founded by three friends who wanted to make a difference when it came to animal welfare issues in their local community.

They focus primarily on rescuing dogs but also provide medical care for other animals, such as cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs, when needed. Their website features information about their organization and adoption forms if you decide that one of their furry friends is the perfect fit for your family!



When considering adopting a dog from one of the top dog rescues in Germany mentioned above (or any other rescue center), always remember that there will be fees involved with taking home your new pet – this helps cover veterinary bills and spaying/neutering costs associated with rescuing them from public shelters.


But no matter what kind of financial commitment is required when adopting an animal – it will be worth it when you finally get the chance to bring home your newest family member! We hope you find all the information helpful when searching for the perfect pup!



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