Rescuing Man’s Best Friend in Italy

Move over cats and bunnies—dog rescues are making a splash in Italy! More and more people are turning to rescue dogs as their pet of choice, and several great organizations are helping to make that happen. From north to south, these dedicated dog rescues in Italy are doing amazing work to save dogs from abuse and neglect. Here’s a look at some of the top dog rescues in Italy.

dog rescues in Italy

Gatti & Cani Onlus – Turin

Gatti & Cani Onlus is an animal welfare organization in Turin, Italy. Their mission is to provide safe homes for abandoned animals, especially dogs. They are devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating abused or neglected dogs and providing foster care and adoption services. Gatti & Cani also offers educational programs on animal welfare, responsible pet ownership, and humane treatment of animals.


Canili di Roma – Rome

Canili di Roma works exclusively with dogs in need of rescue throughout the greater Rome area. This organization has 20 years of experience rescuing dogs from abandonment or mistreatment and finding them loving homes with caring owners. The team at Canili di Roma specializes in rehabilitation for traumatized animals so that they can find happiness again in their new homes. They have successfully rehomed hundreds of animals since their founding in 1999.


Associazione Amici degli Animali – Naples

Associazione Amici degli Animali was founded in 2002 by a group of animal lovers who wanted to help homeless pets find loving families. Located near Naples, this organization has rescued thousands of stray cats and dogs since its inception — all thanks to the hard work of volunteers! Associazione Amici Degli Animali also provides veterinary care, spay/neuter services, vaccinations, microchipping, adoption services, and more for their furry friends in need!



If you’re looking for a furry friend but don’t want to contribute to puppy mills or pet stores that support unethical breeding practices, then adopting from one of these top dog rescues in Italy is a perfect way! Not only will you give an animal a loving home, but you will also be supporting the hardworking individuals who dedicate their lives to rescuing our four-legged friends from abuse or neglect. So what are you waiting for? Show some love today!



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