Top 5 Dog Rescues in Rochester, NY for 2023

Adopting a dog is a great way to add love and companionship to your life. But where should you start looking for your new furry friend? If you live in the Rochester area, you’re in luck—there are plenty of great dog rescues to choose from. Here are five of the best dog rescues in Rochester, NY.

Dog Rescues in Rochester, NY

# 1. Lollypop Farm

Lollypop Farm is the largest animal rescue organization in Monroe County, and they have a great selection of dogs up for adoption. They also offer various services, including animal welfare investigations, pet therapy, and humane education programs.


# 2. City Dogs Rescue & Rehabilitation

City Dogs Rescue & Rehabilitation is devoted to rescuing homeless dogs from shelters and finding them loving homes. They offer a variety of training classes for both dogs and their new owners, which is helpful if you’re adopting a pup who needs a little extra help with manners or obedience.

Dog Rescues in Rochester

# 3. Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is dedicated to rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters and finding them forever homes. They also provide medical care and support to low-income senior citizens who cannot afford to care for their pets independently.


# 4. Genesee Valley Humane Society

The Genesee Valley Humane Society has cared for animals in need since 1873. In addition to finding homes for adoptable dogs, they offer low-cost spay/neuter services and operate a food bank for pet owners struggling to make ends meet.


# 5. Henrietta Humane Society

The Henrietta Humane Society is a no-kill animal shelter that offers adoption, foster care, and low-cost spay/neuter services. They also have an on-site veterinary clinic that provides low-cost medical care for cats and dogs.

Dog Rescues in Rochester, New York

There are plenty of great dog rescues in the Rochester area, so you can find the perfect pup for your home at one of these five organizations. Whether you’re looking for a specific breed or want to help out a dog in need, there’s sure to be a rescue that’s right for you.


Puppy Rescues in Rochester, NY


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