Finding the Perfect Rescue Dog in The Netherlands

Adopting a rescue dog is one of the most fulfilling experiences. Not only do you get to save an animal’s life, but you also get to provide them with a loving and caring home. Check out these top dog rescues in the Netherlands and look for your perfect pup!

Dog Rescues in The Netherlands



Koosje & Co Animal Rescue (Utrecht)

Koosje & Co Animal Rescue is dedicated to rescuing animals from all backgrounds, regardless of breed or age. Their dogs are housed in private foster homes until they find they’re forever home. They also have an online shop where you can purchase items – like toys and treats – that help support the rescue center. They even offer virtual adoption, which allows people to adopt a dog without having to take them into their home.


Dogs In Need (Amsterdam)

Dogs In Need is another amazing rescue center in Amsterdam that has been helping homeless animals since 2013. This organization focuses on giving shelter to stray dogs and assisting other shelters with finding homes for their rescued pups. Dogs In Need offers adoption services, and they also let people volunteer at the shelter by helping with basic care and grooming tasks.


Stichting Dierenhulp (Eindhoven)

Stichting Dierenhulp is located in Eindhoven and provides medical aid to injured or sick animals. They also actively promote adoption initiatives for those who wish to give a loving home to an animal in need.

Stichting Dierenhulp has an extensive network of volunteers who work diligently to get every animal’s attention and care. This organization also runs educational programs to teach people about responsible pet ownership.


Adopting a rescue dog is a great way to give an animal a second chance at life and ensure they don’t end up on the streets again. Whether you’re looking for a puppy or an adult dog, these top rescue centers will surely have what you’re looking for!

With so many options available, there’s no excuse not to adopt – so why not start your search today? By visiting one of these organizations or browsing their websites, you can easily find the perfect pup for your family!


dog rescues in the Netherlands



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