Rescuing Dogs in the United Arab Emirates

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), many rescue organizations are dedicated to helping dogs in need. These organizations work hard daily to save, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for abandoned and stray dogs. If you’re looking for a new friend, or want to help out those already in need, here are some of the top Dog Rescues in The United Arab Emirates to get you started.


K9 Friends Rescue Group

K9 Friends is a volunteer-run organization rescuing and rehoming dogs since 2003. They are based in Dubai and take care of hundreds of abandoned animals annually. K9 Friends also offers temporary shelters, medical facilities as needed, adoption services, and educational programs to ensure that all pets have happy lives. They also run multiple campaigns yearly to raise awareness about animal welfare issues.


Paws Pet Care Rescue Center

The Paws Pet Care Rescue Center is another great rescue organization in Abu Dhabi. They focus on rescuing stray animals from around the city and providing them with medical care until they can be adopted into loving homes. The team at Paws provides extensive support for both adopters. It fosters throughout the adoption process to ensure everyone is comfortable with their new situation before committing long-term.


Friends Forever Animal Sanctuary

Friends Forever Animal Sanctuary (FFAS) has been saving the lives of animals since 2004 by providing shelter, medical treatment, food, water, love, socialization, exercise opportunities, and more. FFAS helps cats and dogs from all over the UAE find homes forever through their adoption program and foster home initiatives. They strive to ensure that each pet is placed in a safe environment with an understanding family who will provide them with unconditional love for years to come.


With so many dog rescues throughout the United Arab Emirates dedicated to caring for homeless pets, it’s easy to find your perfect companion or contribute towards animal welfare initiatives near you! Whether it’s through adopting a furry friend or donating time or money towards these organizations’ efforts – you can make a difference!

All these rescues provide invaluable resources such as medical treatment and training so that every pup can find its way into a warm home where it can live happily ever after! So what are you waiting for? Join one of these amazing charities today!



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