Dog Training Advice For Women

The kids have pleaded, the husband gave in, and now the family has their first dog. Despite all the promises to the contrary, the mother is most likely the one who will have to care for and train the new pet. However, will she have a harder time getting the dog to listen than her husband would?

Do Men Make Better Trainers?

The short answer to this question is no. In fact, recently there are more professional women dog trainers than there are men. So, why is it that many people believe that dogs respond better to men than they do women?

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This myth was perpetuated in a time when more aggressive methods of training were popular. The whole alpha male theory suggested that just as men were the leader of a dog pack, then dogs would respond better to human men.

This was combined with the more dominant methods of using choke collars and negative reinforcement. A person needed physical strength to make these techniques work.

Women as Dog Trainers

These techniques are becoming less popular as positive reinforcement techniques are proving to be successful. Some experts say that these new techniques work better than aggressive methods and that those old training techniques may be harmful to dogs.

So, what are these new techniques and how can they help women who are looking to train their new puppy or dog?

Dog Training Tips for Women

* Be the pack leader- It is now understood that in the pack order there are alpha males and females. Dogs are just looking for a boss, and it is only when they don’t find one that they try to assume the role. They will listen to a woman just as well as they will a man.

* Be firm and assertive- this is an area where some women may find a problem. Women are still often under the belief that they shouldn’t be assertive. When it comes to training a dog, however, the puppy doesn’t have to know this. Be calm, be confident, and be in control. This will let the dog know who the boss is.

* Women take to positive reinforcement faster- Praising people for a job well done is a role that comes naturally for many women. Dogs want to know they make their people happy. Show them that what they are doing is a good thing, and they will want to do it again.

* Be consistent- training a puppy is in their best interest, just like raising a child. Consistency is just as important when teaching a dog as it is when reprimanding a child. A dog needs to be able to understand what is expected of them and what their boundaries are in order to behave appropriately.

* A harness and leash are great training tools- An owner needs to be able to control a new dog. By keeping a leash on them while they are learning the rules of the home will help the owner corral the puppy when they get out of hand. Just make sure they can’t get tangled and choke.

* Enjoy your new friend- A puppy is a new companion. Take time to love and play with your new friend. The bound the two of you to develop will help when it comes time to train.

Dog training secrets for women owners are similar to those that apply to their male counterparts. The main problem women often have is confidence.

They may be insecure about themselves or nervous if they are working with a large breed of dog. If a person is unsure about themselves, the dog will establish dominance, no matter its size.

Therefore, make sure you can establish dominance over your own feelings before you try to act as the alpha of your new puppy.

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