Drentse Partridge Dog Breed

Description: The Drentse Partridge Dog has a broad skull and has eyebrow arches that can be seen. The muzzle is in keeping with the head and is broad and wedge shaped. The nose is large and has wide nostrils, this is brown in color. The lips are thin and tight, the teeth meet in a scissor bite.

The eyes are set wide and are medium in size these are an amber color. The ears are wide and end in a blunt point these are set high and hang downwards. The body is muscular and athletic. The chest is deep and reaches the elbow. The tail is high but never over the back and reaches to the dog’s heel. The legs are straight and have oval tight feet. The height of the dog is 24-26 inches and the bitch is 21-25 inches. The weight is 44-55 pounds for both the male and female.

The coat is dense and covers the whole body with the neck and the chest having slightly longer hair. There is feathering on the ears, legs and pants. The color is white with brown patches and can have spots. The ears are brown and the eyes are also surrounded by brown hair. The life expectancy is 12-13 years.

History: The Drentse Partridge Dog came from the 16th century from the spaniel who were spotted standing dogs from Spain. Due to the isolated areas that this dog lived in, being the eastern Netherlands, the breed has been kept pure. In 1943 the breed was recognized.

Temperament: This is a hunting dog that is a retriever and spotting dog. This breed needs and likes to be a working dog. They have a lot of energy and so need to use this constructively. They are very trainable and like to please the owner. As this is a working line of dog they may not be suitable as a pet dog only. They have more energy than a pet dog and the wish to work is high. Training the pup from a young age helps with good leadership and a working team. The dog needs to be socialized well for a good balance in new situations. They are loyal and have a well balanced temperament. This means they get on well with the family and children.

The Drentse Partridge are not aggressive and can make good watchdogs, they will warn the family if there is an intruder. This is a dog that is gentle and can be good with other household pets. They have a love of water and will be very happy to have swimming as an activity or as part of their daily walk. Training them well in obedience will help the dog to use up some energy and place you as the pack leader. They do not like harsh training but training in a fun calm and firm manner works best.

Health issues: Like a lot of Spaniels the Drentse Partridge can get ear infections but overall this dog has good health.

Grooming: This dog is nearly a self grooming dog. The dirt when dry just falls off the coat and leaves the Drentse Partridge clean. Brush the coat weekly will be all that is required.

Living conditions: The Drentse Partridge Dog is a hunting dog and is great in the countryside but they are happy in a city providing they get their needs met on walking and play sessions. They can live in an apartment if their needs are met. A small to medium size garden will suit this breed well.

If you can’t find a local breeder in your area don’t worry, many breeders are using the major airlines like American, Delta, Continental and Northwest airlines for shipping their puppies.
At this time the airlines will ship puppies to the following States: Alabama AL – Alaska AK – Arizona AZ – Arkansas AR – California CA – Colorado CO – Connecticut CT – Delaware DE – Florida FL – Georgia GA – Hawaii HI – Idaho ID – Illinois IL – Indiana IN – Iowa IA – Kansas KS – Kentucky KY – Louisiana LA – Maine ME – Maryland MD – Massachusetts MA – Michigan MI – Minnesota MN – Mississippi MS – Missouri MO – Montana MT – Nebraska NE – Nevada NV – New Hampshire NH – New Jersey NJ – New Mexico NM – New York NY – North Carolina NC – North Dakota ND – Ohio OH – Oklahoma OK – Oregon OR – Pennsylvania PA – Rhode Island RI – South Carolina SC – South Dakota SD – Tennessee TN – Texas TX – Utah UT – Vermont VT – Virginia VA – Washington WA – Washington, D.C. – West Virginia WV – Wisconsin WI – Wyoming WY – Hawaii HI.