Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags – Free Review for You

🌼 Introduction:
Hey there, fellow dog parents! I recently stumbled upon the **Earth Rated** dog poop bags, and oh my, it’s been such a game changer for our daily walks. If you’re like me and prioritize both the environment and convenience, you’ll love these!

🐾 About the product:
These aren’t your regular poop bags. For starters, they come in a pack of **270 counts**, ensuring you’re well-stocked for quite some time. And if you’re worried about those accidental rips that some bags have (yikes!), fear not. These are **durable** and 100% **leakproof**. Say goodbye to those unpleasant moments and hello to clean hands!

Now, the cherry on top: the scent. They’re **lavender-scented**, which is such a pleasant touch when dealing with, well, you know!

🌎 Sustainability shoutout:
It’s hard to find a product these days that’s both functional and eco-friendly. I was thrilled that these bags are made from **65% certified post-consumer recycled plastic**. That’s giving a new life to over 5 million pounds of would-be landfill plastic annually. How cool is that? Earth Rated’s mission aligns with mine – making life with our fur babies simpler and better while being a **B Corp Certified** brand.

🎁 What’s included:
This pack contains **270 lavender-scented bags spread across 18 refill rolls, each measuring a generous 9″x13″. Perfect size for all dog breeds!

🌸 Conclusion:
To sum it up, these **Earth Rated** dog poop bags have truly simplified my doggy duties. The scent, the strength, and their dedication to the environment? It’s a 10/10 from me. Every dog parent should have these in their arsenal. Happy walking! 🐕🍃

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Disclaimer: Every sustainable choice we make for our pets impacts our planet positively. Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags are not only a decision for your pet but also for Mother Earth. 💚🌍