English Boodle

Description: The English Boodle is a hybrid dog and the pure breeds used to make this dog are the English Bulldog and the Poodle.

It is best to read up on both breeds to have a better understanding of the type of dog you will have.

The English Boodle is a mix of both pure breeds and as this new breed has no set standards you can get stronger features from either breed.
There are common areas that are seen in the English Boodle and these are the coat comes from the Poodle and both breeds are gentle natured.

It is likely to have a large head like the Bulldog and have the longer leaner body of the Poodle. The face is longer than the Bulldog and the muzzle is broader than the Poodle but not as thin. The ears are set high and are hanging downward in a pendent drop, they are close to the cheek and well covered with hair. The nose is large and the nostrils are wide.

The eyes are round and set wide and the coat color is brown. The coat is soft and can be wavy to curly, on the whole the coat is short but you can have the odd dog with longer fur. They are not the most cute as a puppy as the head does look too big for the body but as they grow up the balance seems to return. Size needs to be guessed as there are not any figures and this will depend on the dogs used for breeding.

History: This is a new breed and only time will tell if the English Boodle becomes a breed to have standards or not. The breed at the moment is not popular and so this history is at a turning point.

Temperament: The English Boodle has got a wonderful temperament and it seems to have got the best of both breeds here. They are intelligent and will need mental and physical exercise daily to meet their needs. If they get bored they can become barkers and this can be a problem. They like to be with the family and are good with children. Due to the fact that this is a bright dog training will be fairly easy and this dog needs to have a good pack leader that is willing to put in time to train this dog well.

They need daily walks and will love outings with the family. They do become attached to the family and good leadership will be needed to help the dog to be left on their own. They are not the best with other pets such as cats as they will want to play and this is not always high on the other pet’s wishes. They have a medium to high level of energy and if leaving this dog for any length of time will need a good walk and training so they are more relaxed and tired when you leave.

Socializing them well will help them cope with new situations, people, and other dogs. They can get over excited when the door bell rings and training around this issue may be needed, setting down house rules will help this.

Health issues: The English Boodles’ health issues are not yet known but it is wise to check that the breeder is breeding from dogs that have good recorded health certificates’ and that you understand that there are genetic problems on both sides of the pure breeds and where it is possible these breeding pairs have good health clearance for these. They have a recorded skin infection health issues and so check regularly.

Grooming: The English Boodle will need regular brushing and depending on the coat length will set how often. Bathing needs to be done fairly regularly with a mild shampoo.

Living conditions: The English Boodle can live in an apartment if they have their needs met for daily mental and physical exercise. They will require a small to medium size garden.