English Coonhound Dog Breed

English Coonhound Description

The English Coonhounds’ main difference, from others in the coonhound family, is the coloring of the coat. This is in the classification of a variety of colors.

These can be red tick and this is also a common name for the dog. Red markings are predominant; some people feel that the lack of emphasis on the coloring has given the breeders the ability to focus on the traits such as their hunting ability and great intelligence.

The English Coonhound height is 21-27 inches and the weight is 40-65 pounds. The life expectancy is about 12 years.

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English Coonhound History

This dog comes from the English Foxhound. In the early days, this breed was classed as English Fox and coonhound, this was before the six breeds of the coonhounds where specialized.

In the 1940s the Bluetick and the Treeing Walker coonhounds became distinct breeds. This then changed the classification.

The English Coonhound comes from south-eastern USA. These were bred from American and the English Foxhounds, along with native dogs and other dogs brought from different European countries.

This dog’s history is in hunting, and they have been used for hunting foxes, but to this day this is a dog that is a good all-around hunting dog.

The English Coonhound dog can hunt and tree the animal, then wait for the hunter to kill the animal it is keeping up the tree.


English Coonhound Temperament

The English coonhound has a lot of energy, this needs to be used up daily and long fast walks are the way to release this energy. If you like jogging this dog will love to jog with you, for hours.

Without this, the dog can become very highly strung and can become destructive. This breed is intelligent, loving, and will wish to please the owner.

This dog, like its energy, is very fast. If you can meet these needs then you have a loyal pet that is good with older children. This dog needs a firm leader that shows good leadership skills.

Being a firm consistent leader, that is confident with the dog, will bring out the best in this breed. Socializing this dog well from a young age will help the dog cope with strangers.

This breed needs to be kept on a lead, as their instincts will lead them off on a chase and tree an animal given a chance to do so.

Today the English Coonhound competes in competition hunting and treeing the highest amount in a given time.


English Coonhound Health Issues

The English Coonhound dog is of good general health and there are no recorded health concerns.


English Coonhound Grooming

The English coonhound needs brushing with a firm brush, as it has a short hard coat. This is an average shedder.


English Coonhound Living Conditions

Due to the English Coonhound having such high energy levels it is unsuitable for apartment life. This dog is active indoors as well as outdoors. This dog needs acreage and a good fencing garden.