English Toy Spaniel Dogs 101

Description. The English Toy Spaniel is a dog that is small in size and square in shape, standing some 10 inches in height and weighing between 9 and 12 pounds. They have a very short muzzle and their noses are pushed back and black in color. Their jaw is square and deep with a slight under bite.

They have black or dark brown eyes, which are large and have a black rim. Their long ears hang close to the body and are heavily feathered. For show purposes any white about the ears should be minimal.

The English Toy Spaniel tail can be either left natural or docked, in countries that permit this. They have a straight or wavy coat, which is long with some feathering around the ears, legs, feet, and chest, being white with red markings, tri-color (which is white with black and tan markings), black and tan, and a deep mahogany red.

This is a reasonably old breed and can trace its history back to the 1600s. At this time pugs were bred with King Charles spaniels and that resulted in a smaller dog that had an upturned face and a flatter nose with slightly protruding eyes. The end result of this mixing is the English toy spaniel we see today.

The English Toy Spaniel has been favoured by the British Royal family, who have kept several in the past. This breed was acknowledged and recognized in 1886 by the AKC.

Temperament. The English Toy Spaniels are happy, gentle, sweet, loving, and playful dogs that behave well naturally. Training should be given in a gentle but firm manner and this will result in a relaxed and quiet dog that gets on well with other canine pets.

It is important to establish leadership over this dog, for all human members of the family. They enjoy affection and will get on well with children. It is very important not to allow this dog to develop small dog syndrome as that will lead to wilfulness excessive barking and an over demanding nature.

Although the English Toy Spaniel is a small dog they do require daily exercise and will enjoy nothing more than playing with their owner in the yard, which must be in addition to daily walking and not a replacement for it.

Health issues. There are few health issues associated with the English toy spaniel. Some of the bloodlines are known to suffer respiratory problems, there is also slipped stifle, ear infections, eye problems and even heart disease.

Their lifespan is 10 to 12 years. Also as with other short nosed breeds they tend to snore whilst breathing, this is worse if they have been running etc.

Grooming. The English toy spaniel is not an excessive shedder and regular brushing will care of the majority of its grooming needs.

Living conditions. The English Toy Spaniel breed is suitable to live in an apartment and they are fairly inactive indoors. They can manage without a yard if necessary.

The English toy spaniel will need daily walking and occasional playtimes. They do not do well in extremes of temperature.