Eskapoo Dog

Description: The Eskapoo is a cross of the American Eskimo Dog and the Poodle, this is called a hybrid and is not a pure breed dog. Like the Poodle there are three sizes and these are Toy 9-12 inches in height, Miniature 12-15 inches and the Standard 15 inches plus.

They tend to have an all white coat that is medium in length and shaggy or wavy with some having tight curls. The ears are mostly hanging downward and round but some have an ear that is partly up.

Most have a black nose but some have a brown to liver nose.
The Eskapoo coat is weather resistant and is a double coat with the undercoat being soft and thick.

The main coat color is white but you see apricot, cream, light honey and shading of soft yellow. Life expectancy is 12-15 years.

History: The Eskapoo is a new dog so the history is in the making. With all hybrid dogs it is wise to have a good check of any health records of the breeding pair.

It is also wise to know if this is a dog from the first cross or Eskapoo and Eskapoo or if this pup is ½ to ¼ plus a ¼ mix. The Eskapoo standards are not set and so read up on both breeds used to get the best idea of the type of dog you will have.

It is always best to get a pup from a good breeder that has good experience with both full pure breeds and have good records for health checks before breeding.

Temperament: As the Eskapoo is a new dog breed read up on the breeds used in this cross. The Eskapoo has the intelligence of the Poodle and this need’s to be used from early on to train this dog. They get on better with adults than children, who they tend to tolerate.

Socialize the pup well to help with any shyness and acceptance of new situations. They can have a stubborn streak so training is needed as well as house rules and a good leader, the owner. To avoid small dog syndrome give this dog rules to be kept and exercise them daily both mentally and physically.

Training needs to be firm and consistent but with a calm insistence. They are a fun loving dog and will want to please you. They are family and owner orientated and will not like to be left for hours at a time. Barking can become a problem and training needs to be given to curb this.

The Eskapoo is a lively dog and they will love to have walks daily. They need an owner that is not meek but are suitable for a first dog if training is given.

They are not suitable for families with babies or children under 7 years old as they can become jealous of the young infants.

Health issues: As this is a new breed there is not much about health issues but it is wise to read up on the breeds used to create the Eskapoo as there are some genetic problems that may be passed on.

Grooming: As with the Poodle the coat of the Eskapoo may need a lot of grooming. It will depend on the type of fur and the length to how much grooming will be needed.

This dog looks nice with the puppy cut and they will need cutting every six to eight weeks.

Living conditions: The Eskapoo is fine in an apartment if they have had their daily needs met of walks and mental exercise.

They do not like to fill their own day but are reliant on the owner to fill the day. They will, depending on the size, need a small to medium size garden.