Eurasier Dogs 101

Description: The Eurasier is 20-23 inches in height and the weight is 50-70 pounds. This breeds first priority was to be of a pleasant character, and not to the features of appearance.

They are a medium size Spitz type dog. The ears are pricked and come in a range of color. The muzzle is broad and in balance to the head, often having a black mask on some dogs. The eyes are dark and medium in size.

The Eurasier body is strong and the coat is in good proportion to show the body. The tail is round and firm, carried over the back or bent slightly sideways it can also be rolled up.

They are a medium boned dog. The colors are red, cream, wolf grey, black and black with markings. The character of this dog should be self assured, even tempered and have a really good tolerance to provocation.

They are watchful and always alert but very seldom a barking dog. They should be reserved to strangers’ and at the same time not be timid. This is not a breed to be kept in the garden as it is the close contact to man that keeps this breed happy.

History: The Eurasier is still seen as a new breed and it was created in the 60’s by Julius Wipfel in Germany who had a wish to create the best family pet and working dog.

He started this by crossing the German Wolfspitz with the Chow Chow. This lead on to the dog called a Wolf-Chow. In 1972 Samoyed blood was added to counter balanced the in breeding that had happened.

With careful breeding to type consistency was achieved and this is where the name and standard for the Eurasier was set. This is still a rare breed, outside of Germany. They can and do sled pull.

Temperament: The Eurasier is an even tempered dog that is good within the family. The dog loves to be with the family and is always pleased to be around people.

They are a sensitive and kind dog that just seems to know who he can play rough with and who needs gentle care such as the elderly or the young. The owner needs to give good calm leadership as this dog picks up on all moods.

Training is important and this dog will train well, this also helps you to be the leader. They make good watchdogs; they are very unlikely to hurt an intruder but will let you know things are not as they should be.

They have no hunting instincts and can live with other pets happily. They will need walking every day and will love this to be all of you. They fit into the active family and this dog is happy to keep up but also will fit into the smaller walks.

To be with the family is the most important thing for this dog. All training needs to be done with a firm but kind attitude and harsh training will not work.

Socialize this dog well from a pup and this will help any fearful or timid behavior in later life. They will love dog sports such as agility but do not like any form of drill work such as repetitive training so keep it fun and changeable so the dog does not get bored.

Health issues: There has been inbreeding, in this breed, in the short past that it has but a lot of great work has been happening to balance any problems that have happened. There is hip dysplasia, patella luxation and eye diseases.

Grooming: The Eurasier needs at least weekly brushing and combing to keep the coat free from dead fur. When the dog is shedding, which is twice a year, they will need grooming daily.

Living conditions: The Eurasier can live in an apartment as this dog wants to be where you are. They will need a garden with good fencing.