Cheap UK Pet Insurance

Are you a dog or cat owner?

If so, and you have decided to purchase pet insurance but cannot locate a company whose rates are inexpensive, here are a few online sites that offer cheap UK pet insurance.

The first one is While they have insurance for dogs and pets up to eight years of age, they do ensure pets for the length of the pet’s life, as long as the premiums are paid.

In addition, their insurance premiums are the same, regardless of the breed.

They also have what is known as a Lifetime Cover which means that in cases where your pet’s illness may require treatment for many years, their insurance will cover the treatment for as long as it takes.

The options are called Gold and Platinum. Moreover, your policy can be paid in installments.

Health, Hospital, Medicine, Nurse

Older pet premiums aren’t much greater than for younger animals. Utilizing their senior plans, you will pay the first £49 of any claim as you would with their younger pet policies but you will also pay the first 35% of a claim. In this way, they can keep their premiums at low levels.

The underwriters for are The Equine & Livestock Insurance Company. They are market leaders in Pet Insurance, Horse Insurance and other specialist lines of cover.

They have been in business in the UK for over 70 years and have developed a reputation for innovative policies at the market leading to low prices.

They are regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and are members of the Association of British Insurers as well as the Insurance Ombudsman Scheme.

To learn more about their rates and levels of coverage, go to their site and submit an inquiry.

Another site that offers cheap UK pet insurance is According to their online site; they offer “one of the highest levels of vet’s fees covers of any UK pet insurance.”

Here are some of the benefits in purchasing their insurance: Up to £6,500 vet’s fees cover for an accident or illness; no time limit on vet’s fees claims, so you can still make a pet insurance claim after 12 months provided you pay your premiums; help with the cost to get back lost or stolen pets; there’s no maximum age limit for vet’s fees since their pet health insurance is suitable for older pets too; as well as pets from rescue centers are welcome.

More importantly, they were awarded “Best Online Pet Insurance Provider.”

Whichever cheap UK pet insurance company you choose, whether it is the two mentioned here, or others you may find online, it is important to read all of the details to determine exactly what the policy includes to cover your beloved pet.