Dog Obedience Training

Basic Dog And Obedience Training can sometimes be frustrating: Understand your particular dog and remember that different dogs behave in a different way.

Each pet is unique and therefore require a different approach. Avoid being very strict with the pet if you want it to learn things fast.

When it behaves in unacceptable manner, correct it calmly and reassure it. This makes it feels comfortable in your presence.

This is a time to build and not break the bond between the dog, you and other members of the family.

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The whole idea behind the training is to come up with a pet that is well behaved, obeys and also acts properly even in the presence of visitors.

When training your dog, teach it to be friendly to children and other animals. Let it know that it is wrong to run after cars when you two are out for a walk.

Let the dog learn that it is bad manners to bark at everyone who passes by. It is important to let your dog know the boundaries and limitations during the sessions.

When you train your dog, it is important that you teach it all the basics which are essential in the daily interaction between the dog and other members of the family.

Remember that your ultimate intention of carrying out the dog training is to come up with a foundation on which you and the dog can establish how best you can efficiently relate with one another.

The first and most important focus of the training should be on the pets obedience. The idea is to get a language that the dog can best understand.

This is why you should never start your training with commands. However, at the end of the training, your dog will be well placed to obey commands for example come, sit, stay, go etc.

These simple commands will let you know whether you have given your dog enough training or not. The dog breed is not an issue if proper training has been carried out.

You should try to over come some of the common traits in most dogs like shyness and fear.

To test whether you have sufficiently overcome most of these distinguishing features in your dog, you can introduce a person who the dog feels is a stranger to them.

The behavior of the dog towards this person will tell you how much you have been able to achieve.

It is advisable that you remember to train your pet how to greet your visitors calmly. Never give excuses for your dogs bad behavior. Rectify the anomaly.

If you do not want the behavior to balloon into maddening issues, it is advisable that you start the coaching when the dog is still a puppy.

You will then come up with a pet that is adorable and one that melts your heart.