Finnish Hound Dog Breed

Finnish Hound Dog Description

The Finnish Hound like all the hounds is sought for their hunting ability rather than the look.

They are medium in build and are 20-24 inches in height and the weight is 45-55 pounds.

The body is rectangular in shape and the skull is domed. The muzzle is the same length as the skull and ends with a large black nose.

The teeth meet in a scissor bite. The eyes are oval and are dark brown in color.

The Finnish Hound ears are hanging down and are close to the head, these reach halfway down the muzzle.

The neck is medium in length and is clean looking.

The body is longer than the height and shows the muscular framework.

They have a low set tail that has a slight arch this reaches the hock. The coat is short but thick and is hard to the touch.

Colors are tan with black saddle and small white markings on the head, chest, feet, and tip of the tail. Life expectancy is about 12 years.

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Finnish Hound Dog History

The Finnish Hound was developed in Finland as a result of wanting a dog that could cope better with the local terrain.

A breeding program was set up in the 1800s and they used a lot of the European Hound dogs to get a dog that would be better than these dogs for their hunting purposes.

They used the French Hounds, Swedish Hounds, and German Hounds and they created the Finnish Hound.

This hound has become very popular in Finland and Sweden where it can work with any terrain and hunt by scent then holds the prey for the hunter to come and kill, if the pray gets away then the dog just tracks it again until the job is done.

They do not kill or retrieve and they call as they chase the prey.

The Finnish Hound is rarely seen outside of Finland but it is not rare in Finland with over 2000 pups registered a year.

Finnish Hound Dog Temperament

The Finnish Hound is always friendly and of a calm nature.

They are a working dog and this means that they have energy and need long daily walks or jogs to burn up the energy.

The owner needs to be calm but firm and have confidence as a good pack leader.

While out walking this dog is best kept on a lead, if it picks up a scent it will be off on the chase.

Basic training needs to be done from an early pup and socializing them well will help them cope with new situations.

This is a good friendly family dog that will suit an active family.

In Finland, they are still used as a hunting dog in the season and then the rest of the year they are the family pet dog.

Without walks and mental stimulation, they can develop behavioral problems and this dog can be overactive and become a barker, if bored.

Finnish Hound Dog Health Issues

The Finnish Hound has no health issues but it is always wise to check the breeder has good healthy dogs that they breed from.

Finnish Hound Dog Grooming

The Finnish Hound is easy to keep clean and tidy.

They need weekly brushing and the use of a hound brush will add a shine to the coat.

Finnish Hound Dog Living Conditions

The Finnish Hound is not a good dog for an apartment as they are active and will require a large garden with good fencing.