German Long Haired Pointer Dog Breed

German Long Haired Pointer Description

The German Long Haired Pointer is a dual working dog that is both a pointer and a retriever. This breed has an aristocratic look and the muzzle and the skull are of equal length. The skull is fairly broad and deep.

The eyes are brown in color and slightly oval in shape. The ears are broad and set close and high on the head. These turn slightly forward and reach between the corners of the mouth.

The jaws are strong and they meet in a scissor bite. The body should be muscular and have a deep ribcage. The height of the dog is 24-28 inches and the bitch is 23-26 inches. The weight is 66 pounds. The coat needs to be 1-2 inches in length close-fitting and have a good undercoat.

The color of the coat should be solid brown with white permitted in markings on the chest and feet, dark brown roan with a blaze or star on the head, white ticked with brown patches, trout colored roan, brown and white and black is not desirable.

German Long Haired Pointer History

As the name suggests this dog the German Long Haired Pointer was developed in Germany as a pointer dog. This was a slow dog in the beginning and so was crossed with the English Pointers and the Setters in the 19th century.

This improved the speed of the dog but it was very stubborn and temperamental over time this has been worked on to steady and to get the dog to be friendlier.

This has worked and now this dog is a good working dog with the speed and abilities to be a good hunting dog and companion dog. The German Long Haired Pointer was introduced to the UK in 1993. In Germany today this dog is used as a hunting dog and none are sold to pet owners.

As this is a dog that needs to work this may not be such a bad thing as this breed need to work and do not adapt well to city life or the slow lane preferring to work.

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German Long Haired Pointer Temperament

The German Long Haired Pointer is a wonderful dog that if they have enough daily long and active walks make a lovely pet. The problem lies with if you can really provide this breed with what they need; this is lots of mental and physical exercise and a job to do.

They are intelligent and unlike other intelligent dogs, they will follow a direction every time. Training is fairly easy and if you wish to use this dog for hunting and retrieval it is best to train with specialist trainers.

The owner needs to be calm but firm and give the dog strong leadership and good long exercise daily. Without burning up this energy this dog can get some behavioral issues such as seeming to be hyperactive and destructive.

They are good with an active family and love people and like children but some care needs to be taken as this dog can become boisterous in play more so when young. They tend to get on well with other dogs and some care must be taken for noncanine pets as this is a hunting dog at heart.

It can not be stressed enough this is a high energy dog and if not enough training and exercise are not given then this dog will find ways using its intelligent brain to find things to do and these are not always what you want. They will if very bored and not exercised enough take themselves off for a walk and can jump a four foot plus fenced garden.

Work for this dog doesn’t have to be hunting but you can now get the dog working by running with you, carting, mushing, and others.

As part of the training, this breed needs to learn what is OK to hunt and what is not as if this is not done then the dog could well come home to you with a cat as a hunting trophy or any other urban animal.

German Long Haired Pointer Health Issues

The German Long Haired Pointer can have a few hereditary disorders such as hip dysplasia, and are mildly prone to ear infections.

German Long Haired Pointer Grooming

Grooming needs to be carried out weekly and is not hard. Just brush the coat through, removing any dead hair and odd twigs. The ears need checking every few days and need cleaning weekly, or after the dog has been in the water.

German Long Haired Pointer Living Conditions

The German Long Haired Pointer is best suited to country living and not to city life. They will need a well-fenced garden that is over 6 ft high.