Top 6 Golden Retriever Breeders in San Diego for 2023

Are you looking for Golden Retriever breeders in San Diego? The American Kennel Club places Golden Retrievers, a breed of medium-sized dog originally from Scotland, in the sporting group. The Golden Retriever is a dog known for its loyalty to its human family. Because of their friendly nature, they are great companions for families with kids, seniors, and other pets.

The average Golden Retriever weighs in at 55–75 pounds, stands 21–24 inches tall, and is built like a tank. The average lifespan of a Golden Retriever is 10–12 years, as reported by the American Kennel Club. The article below features a list of reliable San Diego Golden Retriever breeders.

Golden Retriever Breeders in San Diego

#1. PuppySpot’s Golden Retrievers For San Diego

We know you’re looking for a San Diego Golden Retriever breeder, so if you want to find one, you should visit PuppySpot. The San Diego residents can go online to PuppySpot, a dependable marketplace, to look at available Golden Retriever puppies without leaving the house.

To ensure your new Golden Retriever puppy arrives in San Diego in one piece, we thoroughly vet and screen all breeders with puppies for sale on our site. If you’re still looking for a San Diego Golden Retriever puppy, the link below will take you straight to a reputable online marketplace with plenty of options.

PuppySpot Details

#2. Shalane Golden Retrievers

Located in Vista, California, in San Diego County, the Shadalane Golden Retrievers are a reputable breeding program. They care deeply about Golden Retrievers and have dedicated themselves to the breed’s improvement for decades.

Their breeding program adheres to the guidelines set forth by the American Kennel Club, and as a result, they have been recognized as a breeder of merit by the AKC. Shalane cares about the well-being of each of their Retrievers, so they prioritize healthy offspring when they plan a litter.

The care with which the dogs are raised and the thoroughness with which they are screened for common genetic disorders in Retrievers are further indicators of the honesty of their breeding program.

Shadalane Golden Retrievers Details

#3. Valerie Retriever Ranch

Valerie Cook runs a reputable breeding program for retrievers at her ranch in Campo. They breed their dogs by the principles espoused by the American Kennel Club, of which they are proud members. Valerie and her husband raise only AKC-registered Golden Retrievers of the highest health and quality on their picturesque ranch in San Diego’s scenic mountains.

Both parent breeds come from excellent, pure bloodlines, and they undergo extensive pre-breeding health testing to ensure they are free of common Retriever diseases. Puppies born to Valerie are raised in a natural setting where they are given lots of attention and exercise.

The health and happiness of their puppies are a top priority, so they treat them with care and attention every day. Furthermore, Valerie’s breeding program is meticulously organized, so their customers always receive Golden Retrievers that are not only healthy but also cute, lovable, affectionate, mild-mannered, obedient, and well-adjusted.

In addition, they screen prospective adoptive homes to ensure all of their dogs end up with loving, lifelong families. When a customer can no longer care for their dog, Valerie would be thrilled to have him, or she would return to the family.

Valerie’s Retriever Ranch Details

#4. Charlemagne Golden Retrievers

Charlemagne breeds Golden Retrievers in Carlsbad, San Diego County, Southern California, and has a stellar reputation for his work in the industry. They are known for their superior quality and health, emphasizing structurally and acoustically perfect dogs.

They are committed to maintaining the high standards set by the Golden Retriever Club of America, of which they are a part. Each member of Charlemagne’s breeding stock is hand-picked from a line of proven champions and given a thorough checkup by a veterinarian before being put in a mating.

Their Retriever puppies are born in the comfort of their own homes and raised alongside the family until they are ready to go to their new families.

The dogs Charlemagne adopts are treated like members of the family rather than commodities. Eight weeks after they are vaccinated, regularly dewormed, and vet-checked, Charlemagne’s puppies are ready for their new forever homes.

Charlemagne Golden Retrievers Details

#5. Matigan Golden Retrievers

In the Las Colinas/Rancho Santa Fe area of northern San Diego, you’ll find the home of Michigan Golden Retrievers, a small, family-run breeder. They have been producing top-notch, AKC-registered Golden Retrievers for over a decade.

Michigan is constantly working to improve the Retriever breed, ensuring that all his dogs are beautiful, healthy, and have the best possible personalities. Their dedication to the Golden Retriever breed is evident in the meticulous planning that goes into their breeding program, which adheres to the Club’s code of ethics.

The gorgeous Golden Retrievers are highly sought after for various purposes, including but not limited to therapy, service, and show dog careers. Their ethical breeding program has enhanced their reputation in the community and throughout California.

When choosing their parents, we ensure they come from healthy, purebred lines by providing they are AKC registered and checking for any genetic diseases. Puppies are born in their home and socialized with the family’s children and other pets before being adopted.

They take great care of their animals and only adopt them to responsible families. Before going to their new homes, all of Michigan’s Retriever puppies are checked by a vet, given all necessary vaccinations, and dewormed.

Michigan is the way to go when you want an adoption process that is both straightforward and focused on your satisfaction as a customer. For more information on the Matiga Golden, please visit their website or call them immediately.

Matigan Golden Retrievers Details

#6. Glencooley Goldens

Glencooley Goldens is the final entry on the list of Golden Retriever breeders located in San Diego. North of San Diego in Escondido, California, Glencooley Goldens is a responsible and trusted occasional breeder who loves Golden Retrievers.

The Golden Retriever Club of San Diego County, the Golden Retriever Club of America, and the American Kennel Club are all organizations that Glencooley is a part of. To breed, raise, and exhibit Golden Retrievers of the highest quality possible in health, conformation, soundness, and temperament.

Their parents are selected for health, beauty, and temperament before they are bred, guaranteeing that their offspring will be of the highest quality. The entire process, from conception to whelping, takes place in their home, where they shower each new addition with unconditional love and attention. Their dogs are valued family members, so they’re finding them permanent, caring homes where You’ll love them.

Eight weeks after their initial vet visit, deworming, and vaccinations, Glencooley puppies are ready to return to their new homes. When you adopt from Glencooley Goldens, you’ll get the most excellent possible customer service experience, as the process is simple and stress-free. Get on the list for Glencooley’s upcoming litter by sending an email or visiting their website.

Glencooley Goldens Details



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