Healthy Dog Breeds: Top 10 Most Popular Healthy Dog Breeds

Are you considering getting a new dog? Or perhaps you already have a dog and you’re wondering which breed is the best choice. If so, you’ve landed on the right page. My aim with this guide is to help you make an informed decision about which dog breed is best for you and your lifestyle. I’ll also look at the health benefits of different dog breeds. As well as helping you make an informed decision, this guide will also help you choose the best dog breed for your needs. Here are the Top 10 Healthiest Dog Breeds.


This is the most popular breed in Britain. They’re known as ‘London Yardies’ because of their loyalty. Beagles are smart, they’re friendly, affectionate and obedient dogs. They can be stubborn though. For example, they won’t come out of the garden when their owners go out. They also won’t like being alone. The typical beagle tends to be spoilt by everyone they meet, and only wants to be around people. One of the many health benefits of beagles is they have a low risk of cancer.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dogs (usually called an Aussie) are known for their friendly, happy nature. They’re also very intelligent dogs, which helps them to learn quickly. This makes them ideal for children, as Aussies are usually friendly and good natured. They’re also good with kids and are very responsive. Australian Cattle Dogs are also known for having lots of energy. This is due to their similar, but different, ancestry to Pit Bulls, Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Smooth Collies. Many Australian Cattle Dogs have small and compact bodies, which makes them compact and solid in appearance. They’re also built to work and keep their shape. If you’re interested in adding an Australian Cattle Dog to your family, consider the Aussies weighing between 10 and 13 kg (22-30 lbs).


The Chihuahua is the smallest of the dog breeds, but it is very smart and will do anything you ask of it. Chihuahuas are gentle dogs, and will be very loyal to you. They can also be a bit stubborn, but they learn quickly if you are patient with them. Chihuahuas can be nervous around other dogs, so it may not be best to get one if you have a family member who has a dog or dog show, as this can upset their relationships with other dogs. Chihuahuas can be noisy and I have found that they don’t really like to be left alone for a long time. However, if you’re looking for a dog to cuddle up with on the sofa or a dog that will grow with you, then a Chihuahua could be perfect for you. Great Dane The great Dane is one of the biggest dog breeds.


While the greyhound is not one of the most popular dog breeds, it’s not one of the least popular either. If you have the space and money, then the greyhound would be a good choice. And if you’re looking for a smaller dog, a greyhound could be ideal. It’s also worth noting that it is a fast runner, so would be suitable for people that enjoy running or walking regularly. Poodles Another medium sized dog, the poodle is an interesting choice. It’s a highly intelligent breed, but it has some behaviour issues as well. But there is a lot of camaraderie between poodles. And people who have a high quality one will say that it’s one of the most lovable breeds. Because of this, if you have children in your life, this may be the right choice for you.


The purebred Poodle is known for its gentle and docile nature. Poodles are intelligent and happy to please. The Poodle is often described as “cuddly”. You can find the perfect Poodle for your lifestyle by checking our Best Poodle Breeds list. American Staffordshire Terrier The American Staffordshire Terrier is a popular family dog that’s popular for its ability to put down its prey by using its mouth to wrap around it tightly. The American Staffordshire Terrier is one of the most versatile breeds in the world. It’s suited to a wide range of homes and lifestyles. You can find the American Staffordshire Terrier is a popular family dog that’s popular for its ability to put down its prey by using its mouth to wrap around it tightly.


What they are: A mix of other breeds Health benefits: Havanese are known for their intelligence, adaptability, and loyalty. This particular breed has a distinctive, perky gait, due to their sloped shoulder. This breed has been very popular in recent years, partly because of their high intelligence. They also have a history of being used as a therapy dog. Why they’re considered healthy: In their breed standard, the Havanese is described as having a well-proportioned, long-legged body with a small head. They have strong bones and no ear hair, which helps to prevent allergies. They also have a short, straight tail that is about 50% the length of the dog’s body.

Siberian Husky

If you live in a cold climate, Siberian Huskies are an ideal choice. Siberian Huskies also have an easy going personality. Their fluffy coats provide excellent insulation and moisture-wicking, keeping them cool in the summer. Siberian Huskies are known for their loyalty, stability and cheerful nature. They’re happy and social dogs. They also have a tendency to be protective of their owners, and can become aggressive if anyone comes to harm their owners. In my experience, this means they’re not a good choice for families with young children or for those with small children. Tosa Inu If you want a good breed with a calm, placid nature, Tosa Inu is the right choice. They are good with children and other pets, and require little exercise.


The Basenji has been ranked by many pet nutritionists as one of the healthiest dog breeds. They are known for their loyalty and “special-needs temperament,” and are very active dogs. They love to run and swim, and they also like toys with squeakers. Basenjis enjoy food and having a lot of it. They tend to have a dry food diet that is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. This breed also suffers from a genetic condition called FOMO (fear of missing out), and may do better in a home where they can have a regular routine. The Basenji is also prone to dental problems. This is because they often chew on bones, which encourages plaque buildup on their teeth. Rottweilers Rottweilers are known for being intelligent, playful, protective, and patient dogs.

Border Collie

Border Collies are known for their agility and strength. They can also be mischievous, but they are also very loyal and loving dogs. Border Collies require a lot of exercise and need a partner with whom they can play at home. They need lots of social interaction. The average lifespan of a Border Collie is 11 to 13 years. Border Collies are intelligent dogs that are excellent with children. They’re also excellent herding dogs and they can get a little excitable, so you might have to train them a little. Dachshund Dachshunds are smallish dogs that are generally active, active dogs. They need a lot of exercise to be happy, which is why Dachshunds make great family dogs. Dachshunds can run fast and they are very alert dogs. They make for a great watchdog too.

Mixed Breed

Poodles, Basset Hounds and Cockapoos are some of the best mixed breed dogs, which are a great choice for busy city dwellers. Goldens, Labs and Golden Retrievers are particularly popular, which are a perfect choice for working families with school-aged children. The Labrador Retriever is a great choice for families with small children. In general, Labrador Retrievers are intelligent, family-friendly and extremely well-behaved dogs. Boxers and German Shepherds are great dogs, which you can get from a breeder. Maltipoo Maltipoos are a very special breed of dog, so consider adopting one, rather than buying a pup. Maltipoos are an adaptable breed that make a great family dog.

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