Daug Dog Breed Information, FAQ and Pictures

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Pug Dachshund Mix or Daug.

The Daug is a medium-sized designer type established by blending the Pug and Dachshund.

Identified by a huge, round head, old and wrinkly face, dark eyes, Pug-like curly or a directly, curved tail and a slim to muscular constructed, the Daug is caring and friendly, certifying to be an excellent home animal.

# 1 – They are caring and caring.

This combined type is exceptionally dedicated to their owners.

They like to snuggle the majority of the time however would likewise be content staying on their master’s lap.

They enjoy their households and would constantly aspire to please them.

# 2 – Their coat is low upkeep.

Grooming the coat of this blended type is fairly simple.

This hybrid just sheds a low to moderate quantity throughout the year however, it might shed a bit more throughout their seasonal shedding.

It will not still take much of your time.

Brushing them two times a week suffices throughout the regular season then, increase it to daily throughout the brief seasonal shed.

# 3 – They are perfect for apartment or condo living.

While having a yard would be a reward, this hybrid can rapidly adjust to house life.

Their little size allows them to prosper well in homes.

They likewise do not require an excessive workout.

Offering them toys, balls, and interactive toys suffice to provide psychological stimulation.

Daug or Dachshund and Pug Mix Dog Breed-FAQ

tan short-coated puppy on floor

Typical Daug height

Up to 11 inches

Typical Daug weight

15 to 25 pounds

Daug Coat type

Usually short, can be great or wiry

Is the Daug Hypoallergenic?


Daug Grooming Needs

Low to moderate

Daug Shedding

Low to moderate

Daug Brushing

Brush 2 to 3 times a week

Daug Touchiness

Can often be rather delicate

Daug Tolerant to Solitude?

Low to excellent depending upon which moms and dad she leans more towards

Pug, Dog, Happy, Smiling, Pet, Happy Dog

Daug Barking


Daug Tolerance to Heat

Low to great depending upon kind of coat she has

Daug Tolerance to Cold

Low to moderate

Daug Good Family Pet?

Very excellent to exceptional

Daug Good with Children?

Very excellent to exceptional

Daug Good with other Dogs?

Good to great with socializing

Daug Good with other Pets?

Good to excellent with socializing– might go after smaller sized animals

Frank, Pug, Pug Cross, Dog, Pet

Daug A roamer or Wanderer?

Moderate to high depending upon which moms and dad she is more like

A Good Apartment Dweller?

Excellent due to size

Daug Good Pet for brand-new Owner?

Very great to outstanding

Daug Trainability

Moderately simple

Daug Exercise Needs

Slightly active

Daug Tendency to get Fat

Very high, workout and food must be kept track of

Daug Major Health Concerns

IVDD, Back Problems, Epilepsy, Eye issues, Bloat, Cushings, Diabetes, Deafness, PDE, Epilepsy, Nerve Degeneration, Legg-Perthes,

Daug Other Health Concerns

Allergies, Demodectic Mange, Yeast infections, Hip Dysplasia, Staph, Walking Dandruff

Daug Life Span

12 to 15 years

Typical brand-new Daug Puppy Price

$ 200 to $650.

Typical Annual Daug Medical Expense

$ 435 to $535.

Typical Annual Daug Non-Medical Expense

$ 300 to $400.



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