Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Illinois, IL Teacup Breeders and Rescue Organizations

Teacup Puppies For Sale, Teacup, Tiny Toy and Miniature Puppies for Adoption and Rescue from Illinois, IL. Including the Yorkie, Chihuahua, Morkie, Maltese, Poodle, French Bulldog, Dachshund, Cockapoo, Maltipoo, Pomeranian, Shih Tzu, Schnauzer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Corgi, Cocker Spaniel, Papillon, Pomsky, Beagle, Pug and more.

Welcome to our Illinois Teacup Puppies information page. Below you will find Illinois Teacup breeders, Illinois Teacup rescues, Illinois Teacup shelters, and Illinois Teacup humane society organizations that will help you find the perfect Teacup puppy or dog for your family.

Teacup Pomeranian Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Kruzcountrykennel – Pomeranian Puppies
Location: Waterloo, IL, United States
Telephone: 618-939-3647
Website: http://www.kruzkennelservices.com

Teacup Pomeranian Breed Spotlight

The teacup Pom is a small, active, and precious dog. They tend to weigh between 2 and 5 lbs to be considered teacup size. They come in a variety of colors including red, orange, white or cream, blue, brown, black with some being particolored. They are perky, friendly, and need exercise like all breeds.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Teacup Yorkie Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Timberland Kennel Yorkie Puppies
Location: South Suburbs, IL, United States
Telephone: 702-518-6161
Website: http://www.timberlandteacuppups.com

Teacup Yorkie Breed Spotlight

These dogs may be tiny, but they have the sweetest personalities. The pocket-sized Yorkshire Terrier can ride in a purse and make the perfect lap dog. They bark at loud noises and can live 12-15 years. The size varies but 2-5 lbs are about right for teacup size. Colors include black and gold, black and silver, black and tan, and parti colors.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois


Fuehne Family Pets
Location: Aviston, IL
Telephone: 618-977-5177
Website: http://www.fuehnefamilypets.com
Our pets are part of our family, we are small and family owned. They
play inside with our children and are socialized. We do not sell to pet
stores or brokers. We have impressive AKC championship bloodlines
producing wonderful and healthy companion pets!


Jm Hillside Kennel
Location: Pittsfield, IL
Telephone: 217-491-6017
All of our puppies are hand raised and sociliazed in our home!! Are
puppies are Microchipped Vaccinated De- wormed Vet checked Health
checked Tails docked Dewclaw removed. Anymore questions please contact


Stellar Stardust Babydoll
Location: Plainfield, IL
Telephone: 773-439-9779
Website: http://www.facebook.com/chicagobabydollyorkie
We raise healthy,loving puppies with mild temperament Biewers ,Golddust,Ocean
Pearl and Treaditional Yorkshire Terrier puppies.Puppies are healthy and
happy.Raised with TLC around children and other dogs.


Carebears Pups
Location: Mount Carmel, IL
Telephone: 812-217-3582
Raising healthy happy puppies from me to you. Champion lineage on all
our dogs. Our dogs our companions first.


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Teacup Maltese Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Gray’s Precious Puppies – Maltese Puppies
Location: West Chicago, IL, United States
Telephone: 630-202-1451
Website: http://www.luvdgpuppies.com


Kelley Taylor – Maltese Puppies
Location: Mount Vernon, IL, United States
Telephone: 618-755-4363
Website: http://www.babypoodles.com

Teacup Maltese Breed Spotlight

The teacup Maltese is a name given to the smallest size of the already mini breed. They are playful and full of energy until it’s nap time. This breed makes a great lap dog and you can carry them in your purse if small enough. They do fine living in an apartment but remember all breeds need exercise. The teacup Maltese tends to be between 2 and 4 lbs.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois


Lakeside Companions – Maltese Puppies
Location: Worden, IL, United States
Telephone: 217-254-5778
Website: http://www.lakesidecompanions.com


Fuehne Family Pets – Maltese Puppies
Location: Albers, IL, United States
Telephone: 618-977-5177
Website: http://www.fuehnefamilypets.com


Teacup Chihuahua Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Linda Fleming – Chihuahua Puppies
Location: Paxton, IL, United States
Telephone: 309-536-0413
Website: http://www.friendshipfarms.net


Joanna – Chihuahua Puppies
Location: Chicago, IL, United States
Telephone: 847-208-7168
Website: http://chipupsnmore.com

Teacup Chihuahua Breed Spotlight

The tiny teacup Chihuahua is truly a small dog. They can be as small as 2 to 4 lbs and are considered teacup. They tend to bark more than other breeds and can be a one-person dog. Most like to cuddle and make great lap dogs. Socialize them with the entire family early if possible. Colors include black, white, fawn, cream, chocolate, gold and many more variations including merle and this breed comes in both long-haired and short hair versions.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois


Barb Trish – Chihuahua Puppies
Location: Lerna, IL, United States
Telephone: 217-849-2014
Website: http://www.dpmbulldogs.com


Tim Michael – Chihuahua Puppies
Location: Decatur, IL, United States
Telephone: 217-820-1739
Website: http://puppyland-online.com


Moores Family Kennel – Chihuahua Puppies
Location: Green Valley, IL, United States
Telephone: 309-267-3163
Website: http://www.mooresfamilykennel.com


B And C Kennels – Chihuahua Puppies
Location: Clare, IL, United States
Telephone: 815-545-6733
Website: http://www.bandcpups.com


Teacup Morkie Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

B And C Kennels – Morkie Puppies
Location: Clare, IL, United States
Telephone: 815-545-6733
Website: http://www.bandcpups.com

Teacup Morkie Breed Spotlight

The Morkie is a designer or hybrid that was created by breeding the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. With both breeds being toy size, the teacup version comes from breeding smaller parents. Teacup size tends to be 3 to 5 lbs. They make great lap dogs and love to play and run around. Great for kids and families providing they are well socialized at birth. Some colors include black, brown, black and white, gold and black and gold. Small enough to carry in a purse and playful enough for short walks.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois


Tony’s Happy Puppies – Morkie Puppies
Location: Chicago- West, IL, United States
Telephone: 847-387-0994
Website: http://www.tonyshappypuppies.com


Teacup Cockapoo Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Coval Creek Cockapoos

Breeder: Ed Collins of Grand Ridge, IL

Phone: 815-249-6804

Website: http://covalcreekkennels.com/


Beagle Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Mitchell Marlow
Location: Ina, IL, United States
Telephone: 618-316-4415
Website: http://www.mitchellsbeagles.weebly.com


Poodle Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Awesome Paws
Location: Charleston, IL, United States
Telephone: 224-639-6601
Website: http://www.awesomepaws.net

Teacup Poodle Breed Spotlight

This breed is an unofficial size variation of the Poodle. Also called the Toy Poodle. They make great companions for both individuals and families. Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, and Social. They come in many colors including black, silver, blue, gray, apricot, beige, brown, red, and white. They tend to be 10 inches or smaller, and under 5 pounds in weight to be considered teacup or toy size.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Dachshund Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Reba Mandrell
Location: Mount Vernon, IL, United States
Telephone: 6182311906
Website: http://www.heartlanddachshunds.com


Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Tim And Yong
Location: Taylorville, IL
Telephone: 217-820-1739
Website: http://www.puppyland-online.com
We breed and keep our dogs and puppies in our home. We strive too
maintain the breed standard too. They are a part of our family and get lots of
love and attention.


1 Cross Creek Farms
Location: Edwardsville, IL
Telephone: Email is Best
Website: http://www.1crosscreekfarms.com
We specialize in Hypo-allergic puppies. Our family runs a small
hobby breeding program. We & our adopted special needs children, are striving
to live God’s dominion mandate! Genesis 1:26-28 We moved to MO, still work
in Edwardsville, IL.


Gray’s Precious Puppies
Location: West Chicago, IL, United States
Telephone: 630-202-5537
Website: http://www.luvdgpuppies.com


Miniature Schnauzer Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Betty Caraker
Location: Anna, IL, United States
Telephone: 618-833-8075
Website: http://www.shawneesheepco.com

Teacup Schnauzer Breed Spotlight

This miniature breed tends to weigh under 7 lbs to be considered teacup size. They are usually well mannered and love playing and having fun. They are curious and alert but also make a great lap or couch dogs. Colors include white, salt and pepper, black with white markings, platinum silver, liver pepper, black and silver, liver pepper parti, chocolate or liver and many more. This mini breed also needs exercise and proper vet care to live a long life of 12-14 years.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Location: Spring Grove, IL, United States
Telephone: 847-613-9331
Website: http://www.karenspuppies.com

Teacup French Bulldog Breed Spotlight

This miniature breed usually gets the teacup term by being in the 10-14 lb weight range. Height is around 11-12 inches. The Frenchie is dignified and can be stubborn but most want to love and be loved. They come in many colors including the rare lilac, chocolate, blue and fawn, black, sable, blue, black and tan and more. They are a lively breed that needs exercise daily. Short walks in the park or playing fetch in the house are great ideas. They love to chew toys and as with any breed, you should visit your vet monthly for a checkup.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois


Shetland Sheepdog Puppies For Sale in Illinois, IL

Spectral Rhapsody
Location: Sheffield, IL, United States
Telephone: 309-525-4603
Website: http://www.spectralrhapsody.com


Contact the Rescues and Animal Shelters below directly for information on adoption and costs.

Animal Rescue Associates, Inc.
Wonder Lake, IL 60097
(815) 466-1000


Teacup Maltipoo Breed Spotlight

This designer hybrid dog comes from breeding the Poodle and Maltese. The teacup Maltipoo is gentle and affectionate, known to be great family dogs and can be trained to be therapy dogs due to their sweet disposition. Colors include silver, black, white, black cream, grey, light brown and more. Estimates of 8 to 14 inches tall and 5 to 15 lbs are generally considered teacup size.

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois

Teacup Puppies For Sale in Illinois


Turbo Kees Foundation
Wonder Lake, IL 60097
815-728-7680 or 630-980-7696


International Street Dog Foundation
Wonder Lake, IL 60097
(414) 426-4148


Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary
Woodstock, IL 60098
(815) 345-4646


Animal Outreach Society
P.O Box 396
McHenry, IL 60051
815 385 0005


A Place For Hope
Mchenry, IL 60051


Petropolis Adoptions
McHenry, IL 60050
(847) 201-6536


Glory Bound Rescue Farm
Marengo, IL 60152


A Little RR Animal Sanctuary
Poplar Grove, IL 61065
(815) 977-9075


Castaway Pet Rescue
PO Box 861
Crystal Lake, IL 60039


On Angels’ Wings, Inc.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014


Helping Paws Animal Shelter
2500 Harding Lane
Woodstock, IL 60014
(815) 338-4400


McHenry County Animal Control & Adoption Center
located – 100 N. Virginia Street (US HWY
mail – 2200 N. Seminary Avenue
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
(815) 459-6222


Animal House Shelter
13005 Ernesti Rd
Huntley, IL 60142
(847) 961-5541


A Heart for Animals
Huntley, IL 60142


K9s4U Dog Rescue
PO BOX 751
Island Lake, IL 60042
(847) 626-8697


Crème de la Crème Animal Foundation
1325 South Main Street (Rt. 31)
Algonquin, IL 60102
(847) 513-3374


Illinois Animal Rescue, Inc
Wauconda, IL 60084
(847) 469-7551


The Barn on Baseline Animal Shelter/Adoption Center
16173 Baseline Road
Genoa, IL 60135


31664 N. Fairfield Road
Grayslake, IL 60030
(847) 740-7788


Wagging Hearts
Hainesville, IL 60030
(855) 924-4464


Home Sweet Home Pet Rescue
PO Box 87
Gilberts, IL 60136
(847) 802-9835


Fur Keeps Animal Rescue Inc.
Barrington Hills, IL 60010
(847) 381-8458


BAARK Dog Rescue
Barrington Hills, IL 60010
(847) 852-0895


Hope Pet Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 32
Barrington, IL 60011


REACH Rescue Inc.
372 Townline Road
Mundelein, IL 60060
(847) 566-6799


Winnebago County Animal Services
4517 N. Main Street
Rockford, IL 61103
(815) 319-4100


Animal Education and Rescue
PO Box 7343
Libertyville, IL 60048
(847) 816-0831


Our House Of Hope Rescue
1840 Industrial Drive
Suite 330
Libertyville, IL 60048


Always Room 4 More Paws
PO Box 6543
Elgin, IL 60121


Rescue Warriors Corp
Elgin, IL 60120


PAWS Humane Society
P.O. Box 7722
Rockford, IL 61126
(815) 299-7297


Home At Last Pet Rescue
P.O. Box 957273
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195
(847) 508-3232


Chicago Animal Advocates
PO Box 957244
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195


Barb’s Precious Rescue and Adoption Center
313 North Quentin Road
Palatine, IL 60067
(847) 907-4881


Anderson Animal Shelter
1000 S. LaFox St. (Route 31)
South Elgin, IL 60177


A Journey Home
PO Box 323
South Elgin, IL 60177


Finding Forever Homes
P.O. Box 115
Streamwood, IL 60107
(630) 280-6628


Riley’s Rescue Foundation-RRF
PO Box 83
Streamwood, IL 60107


Chicagoland Dog Rescue
PO Box 68808
Schaumburg, IL 60168


Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
(630) 290-7642


STAAR (Second Time Around Animal Rescue)
PO Box 68224
Schaumburg, IL 60173
(224) 392-2584


Wheeling Animal Hospital and Pet Resort
532 S. Elmhurst Rd.
Wheeling, IL 60090


Tiny N Tall Rescue
Bartlett, IL 60103


The Buddy Foundation
65 W. Seegers Rd.
Arlington Heights, IL 60006


Foster 2 Home, Inc.
P.O.Box 1581
Arlington Heights, IL 60006


Orphans of the Storm Animal Shelter
2200 Riverwoods Road
Deerfield, IL 60015
(847) 945-0235


Mending Hearts Rescue
PO Box 243
Winnebago, IL 61088


HELP – Homes for Endangered and Lost Pets
PO Box 972
St. Charles, IL 60174
(877) 364-2286


Second City Canine Rescue
PO Box 721094
Roselle, IL 60172
(847) 807-5364


Casey’s Safe Haven
PO Box 103
Elburn, IL 60119


Safe Haven Dog Rescue
PO Box 604
Elburn, IL 60119


Grassroots Animal Rescue
P.O. Box 126
Medinah, IL 60157


Kane County Animal Control
4060 Keslinger Rd
Geneva, IL 60134
(630) 232-3555


Heartland Animal Shelter
2975 Milwaukee Ave.
Northbrook, IL 60062
(847) 296-6400


Almost Home Foundation
PO Box 308
Elk Grove Village, IL 60009


Fetching Tails Foundation
PO Box 463
Itasca, IL 60143


4 Paws 4 U 4 Ever
West Chicago, IL 60185
(630) 293-8772


Safe Harbor Rescue
1144 Main St
Glendale Hts, IL 60139


Illinois IGCA Rescue
Batavia, IL 60510


Blackdog All Breed Dog Rescue
Glenview, IL 60026


Cause For Paws
PO Box 544
Byron, IL 61010


Roll Over Animal Rescue, Inc (ROAR)
Des Plaines, IL 60018


Belly Up for Adoptions
520 W Interstate Rd
Addison, IL 60101
(630) 542-3559


Rover Rescue
PO Box 4074
Aurora, IL 60542
(630) 897-7454


DuPage County Animal Control
120 N. County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187
(630) 407-2800 ext. 0


New Start Dog Rescue of Illinois
Warrenville, IL 60555
(331) 645-3686


Wright-Way Rescue
5915 Lincoln Avenue
Morton Grove, IL 60053


Animal Heartline Humane Association
Lombard, IL 60148


Lipa’s Lucky Rescue
Lombard, IL 60148
(630) 930-8097


Lucky Dogs
Chicago, IL 60631
(708) 224-1900


Chicago Pet Rescue
Chicago, IL 60631


Aurora IL Animal Care and Control
600 S. River St.
Aurora, IL 60506
(630) 256-3630


Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary
Aurora, IL 60506
(630) 518-2542


Community Animal Rescue Effort – C.A.R.E.
Skokie, IL 60077
(847) 705-2653


Underdograilway Rescue
520 N Emroy
Elmhurst, IL 60126
(630) 863-5328


Chicagoland Animal Rescue NFP
1550 Butterfield Rd
Northlake, IL 60164


A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter
420 Industrial Drive
Naperville, IL 60563


Naperville Area Humane Society
1620 W. Diehl Road
Naperville, IL 60563
(630) 420-8989


Elmwood-Grove Animal Hospital
8035 w Grand
River Grove, IL 60171


Magnificent Mutts Rescue
Hillside, IL 60162


Chicago Canine Rescue
5272 N. Elston Ave.
Chicago, IL 60630


Paws and Purrs Humane Society
Montgomery, IL 60538


Evanston Animal Shelter
2310 Oakton St.
Evanston, IL 60202
(847) 866-5082


West Suburban Humane Society
1901 W. Ogden Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60515


Red Door Animal Shelter
2410 W Lunt Ave
Chicago, IL 60645
(773) 764-2242


One Tail at a Time
2144 North Wood Street
Chicago, IL 60625


A Caring Place – All Breed Dog Rescue
P.O. Box 989
Westmont, IL 60559


Waifs & Strays Animal Rescue
Naperville, IL 60565


Pei Land
Plano, IL 60545


Chicagoland Eskie Rescue’s Buddies
Naperville, IL 60564


Angels On Wheels Animal Rescue NFP
Naperville, IL 60564


Jellystone Bark’s Rescue Rangers
Oswego, IL 60543


Pal’s Place
Chicago, IL 60618


Hinsdale Humane Society
22 North Elm Street
Hinsdale, IL 60521
(630) 323-5630


Animal Care League
1011 Garfield St
Oak Park, IL 60304


Friends of Petraits
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 777-2891


Famous Fido Rescue and Adoption Alliance
3124 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, IL 60640


Project Adoptable
Chicago, IL 60613


Open Doors Animal Rescue
La Grange Park, IL 60526


Treasured Animal Rescue, Inc
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
(630) 914-5664


Azrael’s Place
PO Box 162
Lyons, IL 60534


Kendall County Animal Control
802 W John Street
Yorkville, IL 60560
(630) 553-9256


Eye on the Sparrow
Yorkville, IL 60560
(630) 244-2653


Tay’s Strays
Yorkville, IL 60560


Yorkville Animal Hospital
102 Garden Street
Yorkville, IL 60560
(630) 882-6060


Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue
23907 West Industrial Drive North
Plainfield, IL 60585


Howlin 4 Help
Somonauk, IL 60552
(815) 498-3760


ALIVE Rescue
2227 W. Belmont
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 913-8100


Trio Animal Foundation
Chicago, IL 60622


Be Fido’s Friend
Chicago, IL 60622


CARF: The Critical Animal Relief Foundation
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 916-7297


Furever Rescue
1321 N. Wood Street
Chicago, IL 60622


Friends Forever Humane Society
966 W. Rudy Road
Freeport, IL 61032


Stephenson County Animal Control
321 E. South St.
Freeport, IL 61032


K94Keeps Dog Rescue
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 221-9285


Lake Shore Animal Shelter
P.O. Box 40, Park Ridge, IL. 60068
mail to: PO Box 40, Park Ridge, IL 60068
Chicago, IL 60610


Lovin’ Life Rescue
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 636-1200


Chicago Animal Care and Control
2741 S. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 747-1406


Help Save Pets
Plainfield, IL 60544
(815) 436-2700


Have A Heart Dog Rescue & Adoption
Chicago, IL 60707
(816) 974-7377


Friends of Chicago Animal Care & Control
PO Box 4414
Chicago, IL 60680


Wish Upon A Rescue
Lockport, IL 60441
(331) 223-9474

Keep Checking Back For New Illinois, IL Breeders and Rescue Listings.

Some of the Illinois, IL Cities that we plan to include Puppies For Sale and Rescue Organizations are listed below. If you are located in this state and would like to be listed in our Breeder and Rescue Directory please contact us.

Chicago, IL
Aurora, IL
Rockford, IL
Joliet, IL
Naperville, IL
Springfield, IL
Peoria, IL
Elgin, IL
Waukegan, IL
Cicero, IL
Champaign, IL
Bloomington, IL
Decatur, IL
Arlington Heights, IL
Evanston, IL
Schaumburg, IL
Bolingbrook, IL
Palatine, IL
Skokie, IL
Des Plaines, IL
Orland Park, IL
Oak Lawn, IL
Berwyn, IL
Tinley Park, IL
Mount Prospect, IL
Wheaton, IL
Normal, IL
Hoffman Estates, IL
Oak Park, IL
Downers Grove, IL
Glenview, IL
Elmhurst, IL
DeKalb, IL
Belleville, IL
Moline, IL
Lombard, IL
Buffalo Grove, IL
Urbana, IL
Bartlett, IL
Crystal Lake, IL
Quincy, IL
Streamwood, IL
Carol Stream, IL
Romeoville, IL



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