Hound Dog Breeds

What Dog Breeds Are Considered Hounds?

We had a Black and Tan Coonhound, the most loyal companion when I was growing up. He was very protective of my whole family. He did have one bad quality, though. He would fight any dog that came into his eyesight.

If they ran away, it was okay, but if that dog weren’t careful, Rusty would attack, and generally, that dog wouldn’t come around again. Unfortunately, this trait didn’t show up until he was older, so genetics will play a big part in your hound dog’s personality.

A hound is one of the most diverse breeds, and there are many reasons to choose this type of dog as a pet. Some hounds are slow, while others are fast and agile. Some are renowned for their hunting skills, while others are gifted with endless stamina.

Whatever the reason, many hound breeds are pleasant, friendly, and loud, with their bay howl making it easy to be heard and recognized. With the proper training, you can tame the quirks of these majestic animals.

The Portuguese Podengo is one of the best-known breeds of hounds. This lively and intelligent breed of hounds is an excellent choice for families. In addition, its independence makes it an excellent candidate for training.

While it may be challenging to train at first, advanced handlers can enjoy great success training a Portuguese Podengo. Although they are affectionate and gentle with family and friends, they can be cautious around strangers, so they must be socialized from a young age.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is another popular type of hound. These dogs are used for hunting and are the best scent tracking dogs. They are not good neighbors, though; they can be easily trained not to disturb your property. They can be fiercely independent and challenging to train.

The breed is friendly with its owners and can be challenging to train if you are new to the process. However, if you have the patience and perseverance to work with your dog, the results will be worth it. Remember, you can always consult a professional regarding hound dog training.

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Hounds have multiple qualities that make them great pets as hunting dogs. Their strength and intelligence make them excellent therapy companions. They can be gentle and obedient, and loyal companions for any family.

These dogs have varying patience levels and can be great companions for older people depending on their training. A hound might be a perfect choice if you want a loyal dog. The hound dog is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a friend.

The Irish Setter is a famous hunting dog initially used to hunt hare. It is a highly versatile breed, and a yard with a fence is suggested. They are an excellent choice for families with active lifestyles and are excellent at agility.

They also make a great choice if you’re into frisbee, flyball, and agility competitions. While they are not suited for every household, they are great pets for many types of environments. They will need the appropriate amount of exercise if you decide to make an Irish Setter part of your family.

The Bloodhound might be the most popular hound breed. It was bred almost a thousand years ago for hunting deer and wild boar. It is particularly good at finding missing people, and its ability to detect scent has earned it the nickname “Sleuth Hound.”

Whether a hound is tracking a wild animal or a human, they are determined to find them. This breed should only be purchased if you’re hunting or experienced with the breed. They will naturally hunt and use that tracking ability to chase anything from rabbits to large game.

There are many more Hound Dog breeds to research before deciding this is the right breed for you. This article is just a taste of what it’s like to own a hound dog.

Keep in mind most are bigger animals and require more room than a small or medium dog breed. If you want a hound but want a smaller dog check out my Top 10 list below.


Top 10 Most Popular Hound Dog Breeds for 2022

  1. Bloodhound
  2. Beagle
  3. Whippet
  4. Dachshund
  5. Basset Hound
  6. Rhodesian Ridgeback
  7. Basenji
  8. Irish Wolfhound
  9. Afghan Hound
  10. Borzoi


Conclusion: Hound dogs are some of the most popular breeds of dogs, thanks to their friendly dispositions and low-maintenance care. These dogs hail from a long line of hounds that have been used for hunting and guarding for centuries, but today they make wonderful companions for families and kids alike.

They are also well known for their keen senses of smell and hearing, making them excellent working dogs both on the ranch and in the city. While hound dog breeds can be known to be vocal with their barks, they are generally well-behaved around people and enjoy spending time outside exploring new environments.

Perhaps best of all, hound dog breeds offer a wide range of temperaments and personalities, so there is sure to be one that is perfect for your needs. So if you’re looking for a great pet or work companion, look no further than hound dog breeds!