How to Rescue a Teacup Chihuahua

Are you looking for information about adopting or rescuing a teacup Chihuahua? Not only would you be adding a loyal companion, but you just might be saving a dog’s life! Did you know that there are thousands of rescues and shelters in the United States that kill dogs weekly, if not daily basis?

Many of these so-called non-profit organizations only give the animal 7 to 14 days on average before they are euthanized. These are often stray animals that have gotten lost, and the owners might be out looking for them. That’s why it’s always essential to put an id collar on your dog.

The best advice I can offer is to call your local animal shelters and rescues and ask if they are a kill or no-kill facility. Then you can ask if they have any tiny Chihuahuas available for adoption.

Before making that call, let’s go over a couple of ground rules before making such a big decision. Every year thousands of people change their minds about owning a dog and take them to a local shelter.

It’s heartbreaking for the family and very stressful on the Chihuahua. The dog goes from a loving environment to be in a small crate or cage, wondering what they did wrong and stressed about what will happen next.

#1. Can you afford to take care of a Chihuahua?

#2. Will you be able to commit to taking care of this dog for 10-15 years?

Like I said, it’s a significant decision and one that doesn’t need to be taken lightly. But, unfortunately, it’s more complicated than you think to find someone to take a Chihuahua into their home, let alone one living part of their lives in a shelter.

If your answer to these two questions is yes, you might be up to the much-needed task of rescuing a teacup Chihuahua. There are thousands of dogs sitting in rescues waiting to be adopted.

If left for too many days, they will be killed; if it’s a no-kill shelter, they will remain caged and not have a good quality of life.

You won’t have to travel to each shelter individually to look for a Chihuahua. Instead, it’s best to call each one, make notes of the Chihuahuas available, and then schedule an appointment to see the dog or puppy in person.

There are even rescues and shelters that specialize in Chihuahuas only. This might require multiple phone calls and then a medium to the long drive to see that possible new family member in person.

Be sure to ask all the important questions over the phone, so you won’t be surprised when you see the dog up close.

# 1. How old is the Chihuahua?

#2. How much does it weigh?

#3. Is it a full-blood Chihuahua?

#4. How long has it been at the shelter?

#5. Also, ask for any information about the previous owners.

#6. What is its personality like? Is the Chihuahua aggressive?

#7. How much is the total adoption fee?

Conclusion: You can find and rescue a teacup Chihuahua from a rescue or shelter near you, providing you put in the time and effort required.

Adopting a new dog should only happen if you can commit to taking care of one for 10 to 15 years and providing you can afford the cost involved with owning a Chihuahua.


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