How Do I Crate Train My New Puppy?

Are you looking for information about crate training your puppy? New puppies need a lot of care, and the best way to keep them safe and out of trouble, and to make them feel secure while you’re gone, is with crate training.

Training your puppy to use its crate prevents “accidents,” and can keep your possessions safe from curious – and destructive – puppy teeth while you’re out of your home.

Many people, when they first learn about crate training, think the practice is somehow cruel.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Dogs are, in many ways, very similar to their wolf ancestors. And the mother wolf “crate trains” her cubs, too, using caves.

Wolf cubs and puppies both feel most secure in an enclosed, quiet space, where they can wait for their caretaker to return with food and companionship.

With puppies, it’s not Mama Wolf, that they’ll wait patiently and securely for, it’s you!

Crate training is not difficult, but it is time-consuming at first. The time you spend with your puppy now is well worth the rewards you’ll reap!

Here are six easy steps to crate train your dog!

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First, start with a treat your puppy really loves, cheese or a biscuit. Come up with a command, and use the command each time.

Say, “Inside!” or something similar, as you toss the treat in. Reward the puppy with petting and praises when he goes inside his crate.

Make certain the crate has enough room for your puppy to turn around completely, and to lie down without being scrunched against the walls. Give him something soft, like bedding or an old towel, to lie on.

Shut the door once he’s inside, but stay where he can see you.

Start with 5 minutes, and as the days go by, leave him for longer and longer times.

Do not let him out when he whimpers, wait until he’s quiet for a while.

Repeat this for several days. And remember, never punish your puppy with crate time. It should always be a fun and happy experience to go into his own special “room!”

As he becomes more comfortable, keep increasing his time “inside,” until he’s staying up to 30 minutes a day! Remember to immediately take him outside to relieve himself when his time is up!

Now, try it when you’re out of the room.

Repeat every day, until he’s up to 30 minutes a day, hopefully sleeping.

That’s it! The six easy steps to crate training your dog!