How Much Is Dog Insurance?

What About Surgeries?

This isn’t the most important question. What you need to ask yourself is what will it cost me if I don’t have Dog Insurance? Below you will find some rough estimates on the cost of different surgeries for your dog. Teacup Yorkie Puppies for Sale


CCL and Dog ACL Surgery Cost

Cost: $1000 to $3,000 for each knee

The cost can rapidly increase when a dog is injured by the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or the canine cruciate artery (CCL). Based on the degree of the injury, the treatment could be a little (drugs supplementation, medications, and rehabilitation) or very intensive (surgery).


CCL and Joint ACL Techniques for Surgery

Extra-Capsular Repair
Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)
Triple Osteotomy Tibial (TTO).

The TPLO and TTO methods are the most complicated, which typically result in a greater total cost.


CCL and Dog ACL Surgery Cost
CCL and Dog ACL Surgery Cost



Dog Cataract Surgery Cost

Cost: $2,600 to $4,000

Cataracts are usually affecting the elderly dogs most frequently but younger dogs may suffer from cataracts as well. The condition can impact the dog’s ability to see and can affect their health. Surgery is sometimes required to treat cataracts and improve your dog’s sight. If your dog needs an overnight hospitalization it is possible that the cost will rise.


Dog Cataract Surgery Cost
Dog Cataract Surgery Cost


Dog Herniated Disk Surgery Cost

Cost ranges from $1500 to $4,000

If a disc is herniated, it could impact your dog’s ability to walk as well as their general health. There are many non-surgical options surgical procedures are often thought of as the most effective option to alleviate pressure on the spinal column and restore circulation. The pet will be sedated to allow the vets to operate on this delicate region within the human body.


Dog Herniated Disk Surgery Cost
Dog Herniated Disk Surgery Cost



Dog Hip Replacement Cost

Cost range: $3500 to $7,000 for each hip

Hip dysplasia is among the most prevalent canine skeletal issues. The larger breeds are most frequently affected because of the effect on their weight and joints. Based on the health of your pet there are various surgical options that can be employed to treat this issue.

The procedure for puppies tends to concentrate on fixing the hip socket, while the total replacement of the hip is the preferred option for dogs older than. Total hip replacements are typically the most expensive procedure.


Dog Hip Replacement Cost
Dog Hip Replacement Cost


Cost of Dog Intestinal Surgery

Cost: From $1000 to $7,000

Certain dogs will eat everything. This includes rocks and other objects which can lead to an obstruction in the intestines. It’s a great idea to your dog may become a source of discomfort and vomiting, bloating, and even lethargy.

If not treated an intestinal blockage could result in death. The process of removing the blockage involves bloodwork, x-rays, and surgical procedures.


Cost of Dog Intestinal Surgery
Cost of Dog Intestinal Surgery


Cost of Dog Stomach Surgery

Costs: $1500 to $7,500

If a dog’s stomach gets constipated by gas, liquid, or food this bloat may result in a stomach flip. This can be a life-threatening situation for dogs because it could hinder food from entering the stomach to the intestinal tract.





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