How Often Do Dogs Go Into Heat?

What Are the Signs?

Today more people are likely to keep a spayed dog. If you are not one of them, you may have had a packet of diapers to keep your furry buddy soiling your home. Well, vaginal discharge is not only the sign of heat your dog expresses. Several other signs and behavior can help you indicate that your dog is in heat.


What is Heat Cyclicity?

If you ask how often your dog goes into heat, I can’t answer you exactly. Many dogs have different heat cycles in which smaller breeds have shorter heat cycles and larger breeds have longer heat cycles. The length of the heat or estrous cycle may also vary in an individual from time to time. So, there is no exact figure but a range after which your dog may repeat the heat cycle.

On average, dogs have approximately two cycles in a year each after six months. However, it again differs in different breeds. Some smaller breeds can have three cycles in a year, while some larger breeds only have one cycle per year. The heat cycle of dogs does not depend on temperature, season, or sunlight.


Signs Your Dog is in Heat

For a first-time owner, it can be challenging to identify and manage the dog on heat. Some sure signs and behaviors ensure that your dog is in heat. The most evident sign is the vaginal discharge that can be straw-colored or bloody. It would help to put on a diaper to prevent soiling your home.

Other signs of heat include swollen or bulging vulva and frequent urination. Your dog can express changes in behavior like licking the genitals, changing in tail position, showing nervousness, aggression, or agitation signs. Your furry friend may try to hide out of shyness.


What do you need to do?

If your dog is expressing the first signs of heat, it can be challenging if you don’t want her to breed with some stranger dog. In that case, don’t let your dog go out because you can’t underestimate the sexual drive of a male dog. A male dog can easily sense a female breeding dog because of the characteristic odor.

It would help if you did not let your dog off-leash when in heat. It would help if you were a little more careful during her heat days. However, if you see any signs of abnormality, consult your veterinarian. In addition, you should consider spaying your dog once she completes her heat cycle.


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how often do female dogs go into heat, how long will my dog be in heat, how long are dogs in heat, and how often



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