How to Bathe a Yorkie

Grooming and Bathing Yorkie Puppies

Grooming your yorkie puppy is an important part of taking care of your yorkie puppy.

It is a something that you and your yorkie should share in the enjoyment of. You should start grooming your yorkie as soon as you get your new yorkie puppy.

Before fixing your yorkies bath make sure there are no drafts and that your house is warm.

Then, make sure you have everything you need out like the tearless puppy shampoo, a towel to place the yorkie puppy on when it comes out of the sink, a towel to dry your yorkie puppy off with and a wash cloth to wash your yorkie puppy’s head and face.

Also, have your yorkies favorite treats within reach. To fix the yorkie bath, plug up the sink, put down a plastic mat, start running warm water, but make sure that it is not too warm.

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Your yorkie will feel the water warmer than you do so you want it on the cooler side of warm. Put some tearless puppy shampoo in the water to make a bubble bath. Do not make it too deep.

Slowly introduce your yorkie puppy to the bath and praise your yorkie and talk in a calming voice to your yorkie.

Gently splash water on your yorkie and work a lather, adding shampoo to your hands and then to the yorkie.

Don’t put the shampoo directly on your yorkie because it may feel too cold.

Only bath your yorkie a few minutes so it will gradually get used to getting a bath.

Rinse your yorkie off completely, paying attention to underneath and under the arm pits.

Take your puppy out of the sink and place it on the towel you have laid out and dry it with the other using downward strokes being careful not to make knots.

Keeping your yorkie warm in the towel, dampen the face cloth with just warm water and wipe it’s head and face.

Be careful to avoid the eyes, but do clean any build up by moistening it with the towel so it comes off easily.

Never pour water over your yorkies head or face. Never get soap near your yorkies eyes.

After you are finished, you can continue wiping it with a towel. Give your yorkie it’s favorite treat and praise it.

Give you yorkie a bath every week or two and follow up with the treats. Brush your yorkie with a brush to get out any tangles and use a blow dryer on the low setting to dry your yorkie.

You will find that if you don’t help dry your yorkie it will shiver easily, so get your yorkie dried off completely. Soon you and your yorkie will enjoy bath time.

We will be posting more articles and information about puppies and other cool stuff real soon!

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