How To Care For Small To Medium Size Dogs

There are lots of ways you can care for a small dog and lots of tips and tricks to help you do so. My small dog is a big part of my family and I want him in good health and to be happy. I always find new ways to help him stay healthy and I’d like to share some of those tips and tricks with you. For example, I’ve found that a daily bath is really important for small dogs. A bath every day helps remove the dirt, germs and bacteria that can potentially harm your dog. Luckily, a dog’s skin is pretty tough and cleaning up a mud puddle is usually not the biggest deal. Unless you have a really big dog.

How to Care for Small to Medium Breed Dogs

Here are some tips and tricks that I use with my dogs. Cleanliness You should always make sure that your dog has a good washing (and drying, if applicable) every day. This can vary depending on what is on your schedule and where you live, but a bath every day is really important. I do baths in my bathtub but I’ve also started using my outdoor garden tub. It’s not perfect but it does a good job. I have a lower tub that is easier to clean and I can fill it up with less water. So it gets the job done and I don’t have to spend as much time soaking the dog afterwards. Shower or Bath My dogs get their baths in my bathroom tub. The tub is low to the ground, so it’s easier for me to keep an eye on the dog while I wash them.

Public Safety for Small to Medium Breed Dogs

I think it’s important to be extra careful when walking your dog because of the dangers of encountering a loose dog or a loose cougar. I’m not taking a chance with my dog’s life on the street and I don’t want to waste precious time looking for someone’s lost pet. Most dogs will keep their distance from you when you’re outside. My dog gives the strangers a wide berth when I’m outside and I’m pretty sure he’d prefer that. However, if your dog likes to approach people and strangers, you can always leash him up and take him along. Another reason you might want to leash your dog is if you plan to be anywhere where there might be a cougar roaming around. So, be sure to also leash your dogs if you are going to be hiking or camping.

Home Safety for Small to Medium Breed Dogs

Like all dogs, big and small need a safe space to play and hang out in at home. But some smaller dogs do need a little extra space, so they can move around more. If you have a small dog that you let loose to roam about the house, you need to be cautious. Many dogs that look like they’re part-husky or part-terrier need a little extra protection when outside, and might do best with a larger yard. Other dogs, such as dachshunds and poodles, don’t need a lot of room to move about but they are happy running around and exploring, so you need to pick your dog up before you let them go out. If your dog is smaller and not used to the outdoors, you might want to have an outdoor-safe area, such as a fence or run, to put them in if they are worried.

Training Small to Medium Breed Dogs

In the early months, your pup will be a bit scared and nervous, and you will have to help him get used to being loved and cared for. Give him lots of treats, play lots of games and he’ll grow out of it. You can read more about training a small to medium size dog here. Of course, we can’t forget the most important part of taking care of your small to medium size dog – food. As the picture above shows, your dog needs a food that is easy to digest for him. Your dog will get too hungry if he eats a lot of healthy food and not enough junk food. Many people think it’s best to feed their dogs a grain-free, lean food, but a small to medium size dog would benefit from a regular diet of raw food. Read more about feeding a small to medium size dog here.

Activity for Small to Medium Breed Dogs

Small dogs are really active and love going for walks and runs and playing around in the yard. I try to do at least one small dog activity a day, even if I’m not on a walk or run with my dog. When I run errands or spend the day at work, I take my small dog out on a short walk. Some activities I like to do with small dogs include: Taking short walks Riding in the car Playing at the park Playing fetch Running around the yard If you have a small dog, try and do at least one small dog activity a day. A walk or a car ride can be great for you and your dog. How To Care for Large Dog Breed Large dogs are just as active as small dogs, but they are also a bit bigger. There are many ways you can help your large dog stay healthy and happy and clean and keep things neat and tidy.

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