The Aggressive Teacup Chihuahua – What Should I Do?

Despite being a small dog, Chihuahua’s aggression cannot be ignored. Your Chihuahua’s aggression problem must be addressed decisively and promptly. Below are some simple tips for dealing with Chihuahua attacks.

The most important thing to always do when dealing with an aggressive dog is to find out the reason for his actions. When you have a Chihuahua aggression problem, put yourself in the position of a dog. What is the cause of this behavior?

Generally, Chihuahua breeds are not overly aggressive but are known as “single people” dogs. They often adopt someone as their friend and do not readily accept being touched or played with by other family members.

If you pick up a dog to give it to another person, the dog might initially act scared. However, keep trying, and they will get used to other family members, and doing so will reduce the fear of the dog and make it harder for Chi to snap.

Chihuahua aggression can occur when a small dog is around a child. Some Chihuahuas are afraid of their children because they do not understand what they are or have had a bad experience with them.

Always carefully introduce your dog to your child and encourage them to treat your dog and gently stroke it. This makes the meeting more comfortable for both people. Anxiety can also be a significant part of the dog’s aggression problem.

Some dogs are afraid of other dogs, lightning, strangers, or new situations that cause them to snap or bite. Always gradually introduce new situations and never push a worried dog. If your dog is also showing signs of fear-based aggression, never stroke him, as this will enhance your dog’s behavior.

As a meeting with people is sometimes scary, please check your CHI at the conference and learn. Please ask your guest to ignore the dog until your Chihuahua looks comfortable and provide your CHI A treat.  A small amount can overcome the fear of thunderstorms by playing a shot of thunderstorms. Along the passage of time, increase the volume and rewards quiet behavior.

Summary, Chihuahua attack is a problem that is necessary to be handled firmly. Gradually get your pet accustomed to new people and things, be kind to him and try to find the reason for his problem. Doing these things will bring a happy life for both of you.



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