How to Groom Your Maltese Pet

The grooming of your Maltese doesn’t need to be difficult when you follow these simple steps. There are a variety of methods to brush your pet’s Maltese. The tools I employ are a wood rake pin brush and a metal comb.

Your Maltese must be bathed once every 7-10 days based on their activities. For grooming every week, I recommend the shampoo for reconstructing, followed by a moisturizing conditioner and a gentle application of super shine.

Every month or when required, I’ll use the two Pure Paws brightening shampoos followed by Pure Paws no-rinse shampoo and afterward condition with Pure Paws ultra-moisturizing conditioner and an emollient application of the ultra-shine spray.

Also, you can apply the reconstructing shampoo after the moisturizing conditioner to deep condition the coat. The whole range of these products is concentrated! Mix the shampoo in a tinted bottle which you can purchase at a beauty supply store like Sally’s.

Take two ounces of shampoo, fill the container halfway with warm water, then turn the bottle upside down and up several times to mix before filling to the top. I prefer to maintain my conditioner’s power.

If you have long hair, mix one tablespoon silk cream conditioner, 1oz of moisturizing conditioning, and one tablespoon of ultra-light oil. Add 3 oz hot water, and shake until it is well-mixed.

Apply the shampoo after brightening and reshaping. The entire coat should be combed using your rake or wood as long as the conditioner is in place. Rinse and dry.

If the coat appears greasy, you can use less oil next time. If the coat appears dry, apply less oil, but do not rinse the entire coat out. Every coat is unique, so it is important to experiment with your mixture to find out the most effective combination for your coat.

Once you’ve prepared all of your bottles, Here are a few simple steps to follow when grooming:

It is safer to have two grooming a puppy in tandem. One person can hold the puppy in place, and one can handle the shampooing or blow drying if you do not have a friend; I would suggest purchasing a grooming table with an arm and the halter. They’re reasonably priced and fold down when you’re not using them.

1. Always ensure that your product is not hot or cold as the product is applied to your Maltese

2. Utilize your vegetable sprayer in your sink for washing.

3. Place a non-slip mat in the area in the sink.

4. The puppy is soaked in warm water. When near the face, reduce the pressure and let the water be barely warm. Too warm can cause eye pain, while cold can cause a panic attack in your Maltese.

5. Wash the coat with the brightening shampoo, and rinse thoroughly. Follow with the reconstructing shampoo or the no-rinse shampoo and wash thoroughly.

6. Make sure you apply a good amount of the conditioner mix on the entire coat.

7. If you don’t have a grooming table, lay a towel down on the counter, place your Maltese onto the towel, and leave the conditioner inside the coat. Use your mat rake for the body and your broad tooth metal comb for the feet, face, rear, and tail, and then go throughout the coat, ensuring all mats are removed.

8. Bring your Maltese back to the sink and light wash. There should be some conditioner inside the coat.

9. Blot dry using the help of a towel.

10. Utilize your rake for wood and go through the coat again.

11. Blow-dry the coat at medium-low heat with your wood rake. When the coat is about halfway dry, you need to finish drying using your pin brush. Apply small portions at each interval.

12. Use your small metal comb’s wide teeth while blowing on the face.

14. Hair is cut at the tear ducts within the eye. You might consider purchasing an eye-envy product if you’re having issues with staining your tears. it does not contain bleach. It kills the bacteria responsible for staining.

If used regularly, the hair will grow more attractive. Even hair that is stained will be improved. After hair has grown out, stains have been taken off, and new hair is in place, you can use your eyes to get your glare.

Cleaning the eye area daily with warm water and a small amount of dilute Pure Paws shampoo will keep your eye area clean and tidy. Clean water is best and you can remove any residue of shampoo using the help of a moist cotton ball.