How to House Train Your Teacup (or Miniature) Pug

House train your Pug and stop bad behavior like barking, chewing, jumping, biting. Train your Pug to be exceptionally behaved with this step by step article.

Teacup Pug Dog Breed

Pugs are a domesticated breed of dogs originating in China. At one time, they were thought to be a breed of dumb and short. They were the size of a Wheaten Terrier, the smallest dog in the world. The process of breeding these little pups changed the shape of the breed forever. Read More: The Best Puppy Breed for a Home with Small Children Genetic Problems Teacup pugs don’t have a solid gene pool for them. These little pups are at risk for genetic defects. The following are genetic problems that can affect your Teacup pug: Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Von Willebrand’s Disease Hamartomatosis Goat’s Ear Disease Other Pugs Teacup pugs are part of the Puget Bunch or Puglitics. This is a small group of highly respected little pups who are at risk for all of the problems listed above.

How to House train your Pug

Raise your Pug’s Tail Raise your Pug’s tail gently and very gently to get his attention and reward him for good behavior. How to Raise Your Pug’s Tail Weave a Waggy Toy Waggy toys are great for chewing. You can weave a small piece of a cotton rope with a soft toy to make your Pug’s toy. Be careful not to snap the rope, however. How to Make a Wagging Toy for Your Pug House Punishment House punishment is where you let your Pug get punished for bad behavior. Watch the video below, it’s hilarious and quite effective! How to House Punish Your Pug Crate Training Pugs are very social dogs. They don’t do well when left alone for long periods. Use a crate to house train your pet. How to Use a Crate to House Train Your Pug Pug Trick Tricks Teach your pet tricks.

How to Socialize your Pug

Socialization can be the difference between you and your child getting along and your Pug acting like a brat. Socializing your Pug will make him more comfortable around people and increase his appeal in the future when you’re ready for another one. Pug Sex on the Move Keep your Puggie in shape by walking with them on a leash. Walk your Pug while going shopping, on errands, or visiting friends. Pug Injuries and How to Prevent Them Pugs are prone to injuries in the first year of life. The most common injury is chewing on furniture or other dogs and their toys. Pug Care and Feeding A pup doesn’t turn 1 year old without pug problem! This 10-step list will give you a crash course on caring for a squish puppy.

How to House Train Your Teacup (or Miniature) Pug
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How to Potty train your Pug

This article tells you how to train your Pug to be house-trained. Your Pug will not be able to run away because you trained him properly. 6 Pugs you need to know about. 6 Pugs you need to know about.

How to Litter Box train your Pug

Litter Box training is essential to good house training. It’s very simple and very quick. It’s also invaluable when you are house breaking your pug. Here’s the full step by step article for litter box training your Pug. Pug Talk Podcast – How to House Train Your Teacup (or Miniature) Pug Makin sense when talking to pugs. Pug Training Tips Training Your Puggie the Right Way How to house train your pug when you don’t have time House training tips from litter box training to giving him a bath Training for Newbie Pug Parents When your pet has been neglected, lost, starved, or abused, he can react negatively. This can include nipping, digging, chewing, barking, and aggression towards you. These unwanted behaviors can be easily avoided with some simple training.

How to Obedience train your Pug

Have your ever wondered how do get your Pug’s attention for doing a specific trick? Or having his attention on you and not that tree branch in the backyard? Well, this article will take you through simple and easy steps on how to train your Pug. Teach Your Pug to Stand and Hand Shake. Watch this video and follow the simple steps. Teach Your Pug Sit Teach your Pug to Sit and Pull Out a treat from your pouch Treat Roll Over Teach your Pup to Sit and Rollover Teach your Pup to Sit and Cover His Eyes Teach your Pup to Sit and Catch the Treat Teach Your Pup to Sit and Open and Close His Eyes Teach your Pup to Sit and Pull a Toy toward His Head Teach your Pup to Sit and Handshake Teach your Pug to Teacup Teach your Pup to Teacup.