How To Raise Teacup Pigs: The Simple, Easy, Step-by-Step Guide

Teacup pigs will weight between 60 lbs. and 130 lbs. when they reach their adult age. An adult tea cup pig’s height is 13 to 20 inches. This is true for all the breeds. They are recognized by their small pointed ears, and their straight feathered tails, short snouts, and big bellies. The piglets live around 15 years. They shouldn’t be weaned before the age of 8 weeks.

Teacup Pig Description

Teacup pigs look like miniature miniature pigs with their wide-set eyes and button-like snouts. They have cute, curvy bodies and four short legs. These pigs are easy to handle and prefer being in a group environment. They can feed and clean themselves very well and they have an excellent knowledge of human moods. Teacup pigs are very vocal and intelligent animals that enjoy attention from humans. When they are young, they love to run around and roll on the ground like their close relatives, the potbellies. They have a natural affection for people and most of the tea cups are generally calm, friendly, and affectionate. Teacup Pigs. We’ll cover everything you need to know about raising them and enjoy all the joys they bring! They do well in any warm climate with plenty of sunshine.

Teacup Pig Breeding

All teacup pigs are selected for being small and tender and easy to manage. There are special pigs that come in small breeds and there are teacup pigs that can live as house pigs or backyard breeders. The small teacup pigs are called pygora. Teacup pigs that are around 1.5 years old and have an adult size of about 14 to 16 inches. The animals are favored by home owners because they don’t eat as much food as bigger pigs, and thus are easy to manage and keep, too. The larger teacup pigs are also called dwarf teacup pigs. They are larger than the pygora but smaller than the pet pigs. The dwarf pigs are between 18 inches and 23 inches when fully grown. They are also considered pets, rather than livestock. The females of all breeds are lactating while the males are sterile.

Teacup Pig Care

You need to care for your pet. You need to be in their world, understand them, and adopt their natural mind. The real owners, not the breeders, the parents, or the breeders’ friends. It has to be you. These pigs are like children, they don’t need any more love and attention than we give our own children. You will have to take good care of the pig, because it is your pet too. Keeping your teacup pig requires a lot of discipline and time. The teacup pigs need toys to play with. They don’t like to be left alone. Even when they sleep, you should not leave them alone. Teacup pigs sleep a lot, especially in the evenings. Teacup pigs also love to play, and they are very interactive animals. You need to play with them every day or every time you have free time. And always be there for them.

How To Raise Teacup Pigs: The Simple, Easy, Step-by-Step Guide
Photo by Elcholito on Pixabay

Teacup Pig Training

The teacup pig needs a lot of tender love, care, and attention. Some of the places where you can visit if you want to play with your little Teacup pig are the following: Now that you know about the teacup pig breeds, you may want to go for any of the below teacup pig breed: The main differences between the teacup pigs and other pig breeds are: Teacup pigs are small – The teacup pig weighs between 60 lbs. and 130 lbs. and they are between 14 and 16 inches. Their length is also different from other pig breeds. Teacup piglets grow quickly – As the teacup pig grows, their legs become longer and their bodies grow bigger. They are well-tempered – Like other pig breeds, teacup pigs do not like it when you touch their feet and snout. The Teacup pig loves it when you play with it.

Teacup Pig Size

The teacup pig is made to resemble the smaller breeds of pigs and, hence, they should have a lot of teardrop-shaped bones that make them unique. Teacup pigs also have slightly short legs. Teacup pigs are small when compared to full-grown pigs but they grow rapidly. In 10 months, they will grow to be much bigger. As they grow, teacup pigs should be fed two to three times per day with high-energy foods, such as chicken feed, for protein. Their weight is different for each animal as all teacup pigs are different. It depends on the pig’s breed. Look at the following table for all teacup pig breed weight and age.


Teacup pigs are great for anyone who is interested in having livestock and also want an easy pet. They provide an opportunity for you to have an animal without taking up space. They are also very active, playful and inquisitive. They can also help you at any time. It is better to have a pig than a puppy and it is cheaper to keep. How much does it cost to raise teacup pigs? You will need a pen, some kitchen scraps and a pig house. In case you are an experienced home owner, you will need a hand to handle a pig. How much will teacup pigs cost you to raise? You will need to pay between $80 to $150 for a pen and the bedding. That’s it!