How To Take Care Of Your Teacup Maltipoo

Choose a good breeder and stay clear of puppy mills or buying puppies off the Internet. Health and Vaccinations. Maltipoo pups have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. Housebreaking Your Maltipoo. Before you begin housebreaking, remember not to take your puppy out to a new environment.

When should I begin housebreaking?

Starting housebreaking your Maltipoo is quite easy. All you need is a few treats and lots of patience. Make sure to change your puppy’s diaper when it has had an accident and throw the puppy’s accident. If your Maltipoo continues to have accidents, you may have to take your Maltipoo to the vet to have him de-wormed and vaccinated. Is It Better To Use A Natural De-wormer? A natural de-wormer such as organochlorine (OC) de-wormer is considered more humane than other de-wormers. They should be used because you can buy them in most pet stores. Maltipoos are susceptible to heart worms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. Most Maltipoos do not have these parasites. They do not die as a result of the de-wormers. My Maltipoo is too big for his crate.

How much should I feed my Maltipoo puppy?

Weigh your Maltipoo puppy before and after his first meal so you will have a rough idea how much he eats. Just like other small animals, Maltipoos have a very limited water source. You should supplement his diet with commercial doggie wet and dry food and a pet bowl. Water dishes are recommended only for older puppies. Do Maltipoos eat meat? Yes, Maltipoos can eat meat, but it will not be a great idea to buy lamb or turkey from pet stores. Meat products contain hormones and antibiotics and these are not good for your Maltipoo. What should I feed my Maltipoo? Feed your Maltipoo meat, fish, eggs, and chicken. Avoid meat products that contain chicken, lamb, or turkey. Most Maltipoos do not drink water, but they can drink milk or water with sweetened apple juice.

How do I potty train my Maltipoo puppy?

If you are new to having a Maltipoo dog, then you should try a new puppy potty training method first. After that, your Maltipoo will be fully potty trained. Use clicker training techniques with your puppy before you take him outside. To potty train your Maltipoo puppy, you should never reward your puppy with treats. Using treats, or praise, will take your Maltipoo’s mind off the task at hand, making it difficult for the puppy to pee outside. Use the clicker and reward your dog with praise or treats. When you take your puppy out for his potty breaks, don’t carry him outside. With this method, you will be more successful in your potty training efforts. Instead, just let your puppy stand by you and wait for the click. When you hear the click, praise your dog for using the potty!

How To Take Care Of Your Teacup Maltipoo
How To Take Care Of Your Teacup Maltipoo

When should I start crate training my Maltipoo puppy?

Crate training is one of the hardest stages for most puppies to master. In my experience, Maltipoo puppies are the ones who resist the most. Puppies learn quickly that a puppy crate means they need to stay in it and it is actually the best environment for them to bond. I start crate training them by having them in the crate for short periods of time. When I have more time I can do longer stretches. When the puppy will stay in the crate for ten minutes or more without trying to get out, I know that she has a good understanding of what is expected of her. Why does Maltipoo need less exercise than a Golden Retriever? Maltipoos are known for being very active and need a lot of exercise.

How do I socialize my Maltipoo puppy?

Make sure your puppy is socialized to people and other animals, starting from day one of their life. Socialization Is Your Maltipoo’s biggest asset as a pet. By exposing him/her to a variety of different people, places and other animals, your puppy can learn about how to handle various situations. By now, your puppy should be comfortable with people and other animals and they should be the centre of your attention. It is not just human that you should socialize your Maltipoo puppy, rather all kinds of animals should be exposed to your Maltipoo so that he/she can get used to everything. Spaying or neutering Your Maltipoo. Sometime your Maltipoo may have unwanted reproductive organs. In this case, spaying/neutering is the best thing to do.


Don’t let your new puppy become an over-active toy. Adopting a Maltipoo can help you teach your Maltipoo to control their urge for toys. Providing your Maltipoo with daily exercise can help with their exercise, energy, and concentration, making them more focus, and working well with you.