How to Take Your Puppy’s Temperature: The Complete Guide

Taking a dog’s temperature is a great way to check for illness, especially when you can’t see the dog’s ears. If you have a very sick dog, it’s always recommended to have a vet check the dog’s temperature and pulse. I’ve had to do this a few times since I’ve had my dog. Sometimes a dog’s temperature is just too high to measure, but if the dog is showing any signs of illness, it’s worth checking the dog’s temperature. The instructions below show how to take your dog’s temperature using a thermometer.

Normal Body Temperature in Puppies

Puppies have a lot of body heat and can be difficult to measure. To determine the temperature of a very young dog’s body, put a cotton ball soaked with a drop of water in a bowl of very hot water. Take the thermometer and place it in the water. Wait for a few seconds and then take the thermometer out and place it on the floor. Take the tip of the thermometer and put it in the water, pressing firmly on the cotton ball. When you are sure that you got the temperature of the thermometer, take out the thermometer, but do not take it out of the water. The time it takes to take the thermometer out and place it in a dry environment will tell you the temperature of the water.

Fever in Puppies

This one is easy: Pet the head and rub the nose and chin of your dog. Don’t force your dog’s head to the palm of your hand. If the dog isn’t well, you will probably have a blow-out. Dogs will pant to take in fresh air from the lungs and some dogs will actually pant to take in cool air through the nose. But if you hold your hand up against your dog’s nose, chances are the dog will hold his breath to hold in the hot air through his nose. That’s why you want to rub the dog’s head and chin to get a good temperature. My advice: stay cool, give the dog the cooling therapy, don’t force a temperature and wait a few hours. If the temperature stays up, you’ll have a mess on your hands and you’ll have a sick dog. Temperature in Young Pets Take your dog’s temperature.

Low Body Temperature in Puppies

Take your thermometer with you and keep it with the dog. I put mine in my bra, so I can easily get it. Take a rectal temperature of the dog. For a smaller dog, just check the rectum. For a larger dog, cut a slit into their back and check their chest. Then check the dog’s temperature: The rectal temperature is probably too low to detect illness, but the temperature reading on the forehead should be within the normal range for a healthy dog. Signs of Severe Illness If you feel that your dog’s temperature isn’t normal or you notice symptoms of illness such as vomiting or seizures, call your veterinarian immediately. When to Take a Hot Dog I have a hard time taking hot dogs out of the freezer.

How to Take Your Puppy’s Temperature

Before you even take your puppy’s temperature, it’s important to make sure it’s the right thermometer for your puppy’s age and size. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends using a Digital Digital Digital Infrared (D2IR) digital thermometer for use on puppies and dogs under four months old, or a digital oral thermometer for puppies and dogs older than four months. A digital oral thermometer is a more accurate temperature reading, but may take longer to read a temperature. If you have a digital oral thermometer, I recommend changing your puppy’s temperature daily using the temperature as it reads. If you change the time you measure the temperature daily, it’ll make it easier to tell if a dog is sick or healthy.

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