Jack Chi Dog Breed

Dog, Puppy, Jack Russell, Chihuahua

Description: The Jack Chi is a hybrid and the pets utilized in this new breed are the Jack Russell Terrier and the Chihuahua. It is best to check out up on both pet dog breed to acquire an understanding of what this canine will be like. The height is also fairly wide and this is from 8-15 inches and the odd dog is taller.
History: The Jack Chi is still a very new dog and, unlike the breeds utilized, the history is only just beginning. This pet dog has actually lost a lot of the energy of the Jack Russell Terrier and gotten by the mix with the Chihuahua and is a more calm pet. They have been bred to gain a new type of family pet dog instead of the older kind of working pet dog.

This is not actually a good dog with kids due to the size however older kids who can treat this pet as a pet will enjoy the canines company. While the blend of these breeds has taken out a lot of the energy this is still a dog that will want to hunt and smaller sized family pets within the home are not recommended. All pets, and perhaps even more so for small pet dogs, need house guidelines and borders to offer them stability in the house.

They require a pack leader, the owner, to set standards of behavior and to train this bright pet. If the dog is dealt with like a small baby then small dog syndrome can take place and this is where the pet ends up being over protective of an object, seat or the owner and can become stylish. This is a great watch canine and can become aggressive if the owner does not set limits regarding what is and what is not appropriate when viewing. They need a pack leader that can train them with basic obedience. This requires to be carried out in a non hostile way and a calm assertive leader works finest. As they are intense they do benefit from everyday mental exercise and this can be things like hide and look for of a toy to more knowledgeable training.

Health problems: The Jack Chi has little taped on any health concerns but it is a good idea to read up on both breeds used to see if the history of health is good. The smaller Jack Chi pet dog is most likely to have health issue.
Grooming: The Jack Chi has a brief however thick coat that will require brushing two times a week to stay out the dead hairs and include a good shine to the coat.

Living conditions: The Jack Chi can live in a home if they have enough day-to-day workout both mentally and physically. The garden needs to be well fenced to stop the pet running off on a chase. This requires to be small or medium in size.

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